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children say the most funniest of things!!!!

While sitting on the loo this morning, my 3yr old grandson suddenly said "nanna, where is your black wheelbarrow?" I told him that i haven't got a black wheelbarrow, to which he got quite angry "yes you have nanna, IT"S OVER THERE" To which I told him that i could not see through walls. After a few mins, with him going on about this bloody wheelbarrow, and me thinking that i was going mad, it suddenly dawned on me "you mean my black wheelchair!!!!" To which a frustrated 3ry old said "yes nanna i told you"

Sharon xx

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lol ,kids are great :) xxx


There're so funny, don't have lighten your mood xx


Out of the mouths of babes !!

Hugs x x x


I have this wonderful vision of you lying back in your wheelbarrow, legs hanging between the handles, being pushed round the town centre shops! lol priceless!

Gentle hugs xx


thats the first time that i've laughed all day, thanks for that!!!!

Gentle hugs to you too xx


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