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the things kids say

when my little Grangirls were 5 & 3 the younger 1 started teliing her sister what to do to which she replied " you are not the boss of me " very indignantly

Another time they were supposed to be eating their dinner S (5) finished 1st so started eating her sweets the 3 year old (L) asked her to share her sweets S replied " no you have to eat your dinner 1st to which L replied RIGHT 1 2 don't make me count to 3 like her Mum does. I had to turn away as i couldn't stop laughing bless her

Another time i was in a cafe with some kids i used to look after when our number was called (41) D said at the top of his voice " oh thats your age isn't it J " ha ha

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Lol yes they do crack you up. My daughter when she was 4 came in while i was on the loo and proudly stated that i was fat because my bum was bigger than the seat :0 checky moo.

Another time i was also on loo with tia maria and the phone went and Phoebe picked it up and all i heard was just a minute mummy is on the loo she has diarehha then handed the phone to me, omgoodness i died lol xx


lol so funny

bless them kids are so honest

one time on the bus my 6 year old daughter asked me in a loud voice where babies come from , strangely the whole bus went quiet, i said i would explain when we got home

Is tia maria a cure for the runs ? lol

take care xx


When my daughter was three, we were sitting in a cafe having tea and toast, when the couple at the table next to us started to have a heated argument.

My little Tamsin stood up on her seat, and in the voice I used to tell off her brothers, she said: "Will you two PLEATHE thtop bickering AT ONCE!"

I paid the bill and slunk out of the cafe before she said anything else!


ha ha well said Tamsin tho xx


My son had us speechless when he asked , mummy why did you marry daddy cos he's not very handsome .... I am afraid I had to stifle hysterical laughter while my husband looked hurt


On Friday night I said to Ellie (aged 8) I have a job for you to do.

I had bought a huge bag of cottons for cross stitch cheaply on ebay (575 skeins, even though I already have thousands) and I said I needed help sorting them out into numerical order and putting them away.

Ellie's reply "I do hope your'e going to use some of this lot Nanny as I've already got enough to inherit"

She also told me once that SHE probably wouldn't live long enough to use up all my craft stuff, let alone me.


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