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Phyiso wants me to be Tom Jones lol

Well peeps just an update, my phyiso is going well but my sciatic nerve in my left leg needs to be stretched as when iam walking my left foot comes off the floor to quick and balance is affected.

Dave my phyiso explained that my core muscles are week hence muscle wastage on my left side but exercise is starting to work , he said that imagine two springs on either side of my body , the one on the right is strong and taught but the left is all wobbly and needs to be sorted , this will help with posture .

Anyway my new program is to stand up with my left foot in front of my right and then lift up my left shoulder and push my left hip as far as I can towards my left big toe , so close your eyes think of mr jones singing one of his songs and go for it.

Well trying not to laugh and not gyro my hips (I wish) off I go 15 x 3 a day and three days later iam sore as hell and walk more like the hunch back of Norte dam lol, but my friend has been trying ddp yoga and has lost a stone in just under two weeks, it's yoga for disabled and has some very good results and write ups iam even looking into it myself.

Well there you have it peeps I shall keep you updated.


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well ihope the tom jones impression works in the end lol ,ive still got the image in my head lol really made me laugh x


wow i did dru yoga which left me feeling id been hit by a car on good days but i did feel more toned and supple. x


Its not unusual...... sorry I couldn't resist that one!!!!! Poor you feeling worse for the gyrating!!! But then who wouldn't !!

The Yoga your friend goes to sounds interesting is that what its called ... ddp yoga?

Wishing you gentle hugs x x x x


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