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Good morning everyone and I feel I have to start it with an apology.

I see management have got on top of things and luckily I did`nt see the rest of the vitriol aimed at me and the rest of you.

This joker infiltrated a few days ago (it seems he was ignored when it could have been nipped in the bud).I didn`t realise what he was,and he seems to have taken umbridge at me challenging him over DLA and Motorbility cars.

I am so sorry that my getting into conversation with him caused all this.And the deep pain caused to another of our members.Who I hope will have the courage to come back on.

Again all I can do is say sorry,but also thank you for your support.

Love and big hugs to you all Butterfly54xxxxx

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Not your fault Butterfly, so no apology necessary . I did see what was said earlier and it wasn't pretty .

I think it says more about him than it says about us , so hopefully we can put that behind us and get back to being the supportive group we always have been.

Hope you're feeling ok today.




morning butterfly that person was just on here to cause problems glad he has gone now some of his comments was hurtfull

take care

alan xxx


Butterfly, you have nothing to be sorry for. I do beleave in KARMA. We are all hear for each other, and when one of us has prob with anything we are all hear for each other. You was sticking up for your self and us hunni. Big hug n love to you. Helen xxx


hugs butterfly we are all here if you need us ,it wasnt your fault hun ,again lots of hugs xxx


Hi buttety i dunno if i can come back proper.

I guess he only said what people think abiut me?

Lies though.i didnt lose custody.my son lived with us then didnt like rules and is now with his dad and has gone off rails.

Also i didnt fet my kids take- of me either.more rubbish.

My ex is a compulsive liar and threatened to take his life.

So thats reason.and yes judge wasnt intrested coz of legal aid.

I have nothing to gain bt lying.

You get hit by your partner over and over abs then tell me im a crap mom.

Glad they are gone but they will be back.

Buttery u are a strong amazing person to stick up for us all.



Please sammy,I can`t say it enough hun,that is not what people think.

People would not have responded to you if that was the case.We want to support you in every way we can,and with all you are going through and fibro too,you need us.

There is nothing to say it won`t happen again unfortunately,but as management say we ignore them.You know in your heart what is right,and I hate to think what this is doing to you but please hun,don`t let this drive you away.

I think he went for people who maybe I had answerd on their blogs and a lot of others that I did`nt.

Private message gerisley she will be able to tell you how she found me.I need someone who knows what they are doing to sort out my facebook.

Lots of love and hugs Butterfly54xxxxx


Sammy sorry hun see message below Christines I can`t even get this right at the moment xxxx


here here i totally agree with you sad sd people lol never mind love diddle xx


Hi all

Sorry you've been hit by all this this week. Hopefully things will now calm down.

We're a bit limited right now by the functionality of the HU platform - for example they cannot yet restrict or ban based on an IP address. So a troll or otherwise disruptive member who is restricted can then rejoin using a different email and username even from the same computer.

If you do see any more posts that seem to be from that member or are similar, do not respond to them and do not blog about them. Let a Volunteer know (check the Directory to get the list of Volunteer Moderators) and hit the Report button - that means that both HU and Admins get notified. Then try to ignore them!

Best wishes



I don't see a block button anywhere Linz , so that may be something worth looking into . At least we could then block trolls and not have to read their posts or have them contact us personally.



Helen - we'd love more functionality like that, but we're reliant on the HU team developing it for us unfortunately.


GaryLouise was restricted almost immediately and the most inflammatory posts of his deleted.

The first report of abuse for the accounts that sprang up after this were received on Saturday evening when neither HealthUnlocked or the FibroAction admin team were available. HealthUnlocked were contacted as soon as possible on Sunday morning and the accounts were deleted at that point.

It is a sad fact of internet life that trolls exist. As the HealthUnlocked platform matures these instances will become easier to deal with.

Having said that, your feedback is noted and we'll do better next time.


While I agree that trolls are best ignored , that maybe because I've been using the internet for a very long time and seen it happen time and time again.

If members are personally attacked, especially bearing in mind they are probably already feeling ill and low it's very difficult for them not to retaliate.

Some groups I'm on now moderate posts before allowing them on , this isn't ideal because posts often get held up but it may work as a short term measure until HU find a way around the problem ,and shouldn't be too difficult to put in place. This could be applied to new members only, or all members if necessary .

It would be a shame if this has to happen, because it interrupts the free flow of a site , but it's better than having people upset by these idiots.


I agree with a lot of what you say Helen but I think one of the benefits of this site is that our posts appear immediately and we get the help we need back quickly. I really wouldn't like to see this forum go to pre moderated comments. I got caught up in a nasty disussion when my first ever blog on this site went way off subject but I accept these things can happen and the team dealt with it as soon as they were informed. It's up to us all to report asap when malicious content appears.


I wouldn't either Whippet_lover, but this weekend has been horrendous, especially for a couple of members who were targeted . Sadly, despite it being reported by many of us, it continued over 3 days .

There are other measures admin can take to prevent it happening, such as introduce a block button or use an IP tracker, but these are not in place and could take some time to sort out I understand.

Let's just be grateful that the problem seems to have gone for now and keep our fingers crossed it doesn't recur.


Yes, as I said, I missed it as too poorly but have had it myself before but not to the extent of this I think. I think a lot of site functionality is down to Health Unlocked rather than fibro action so I imagine the Admin team will contact them to see what can be done. Admin have said this morning that HU can't use an IP tracker for some reason and as far as I understand it, if somebody is determined they can bypass IP tracking. Judging by the amount of junk mail I block on my email account anyway! A block button is a good idea I think. It is possible for members to contact HU directly and their contact details are available someplace. If I find them again in my emails, I'll share them with you. Maybe in these situations when Admin are understaffed, we should contact health unlocked direct. It's a tough one!

Thank goodness it doesn't happen too often!


We're pressing HU to get us more functionality asap, don't worry!

FWIW, Reports of Abuse relating to the recent chaos were received from Saturday evening to Sunday morning only. And the HU team aren't available at that time even if all the Admins & Volunteers are (not that we were - and Libby did a fantastic job holding the fort!). But HU have now promised that we will get the ability to Restrict accounts ourselves asap!

There should be a Feedback button on the right hand side of your browser btw if you have technical suggestions to make. There is a long wishlist from Admins already though.

And do remember to Report something as soon as you see any content that is abusive, malicious or deliberately misleading as this alerts the HU team as well as Admins.


Thanks Lindsey, I was sure you would be on top of it. Thanks for all you do x


Hi butterfly you have nothing to apologise for I just feel sad for you and other members who have been affected. Take care Sue xx


butterfly soft hugs xxx


Hello every one I was taken in as well made me cross but it will

Not happen again.

I can see the report button but where is the block



There isn't one yet Vivien xx


hi firstly you can stop apologising for that nasty piece of work you done nothing wrong by talking to them you were not to know how sad they were that thry felt it nesesery to cause so much trouble it could hve been ay of us so you do not have to apologise i just wish they were taken off quicker than they were but like evrything else you have to do it the right way and that takes time but itseems like they are out of here now thank goodness shame really they must lead such very sad lifes or no life but there you go lets not aste time and a blog on them

i hope that you have had a lovely day today it has been warm sunny cold rain thunder torrential rain wind just about everything

anyway you take care love to you diddle xxx


Thanks diddle and everybody else for your support.

Yes diddle you do have to wonder about some peoples lives and what makes them makes them tick.But hopefuly we are back to normal now,and the happy band of peeps we have always been.

Yep the weather is everything you say,but my best friend is here cooking a lovely Sunday roast,and my neighbour has just finished doing some painting.Going to have a nice fresh hallway and bedroom.Then tackle the rest in the spring.

Hope you have had a lovely day.

Love and hugs Butterfly54xxxxxx


Butterfly, i did not see any of these posts, been too ill this weekend, so glad really. i too believe in Karma. most people in life are decent and honest. do unto others as you would have done unto you.

you are a lovely person and this is a very beneficial group for us all. its 1am i am in pain and can not sleep. so logged on. this has been a great group with a great number of kind caring supportive people.

love and hugs to all members ............ you all help me get through nights like tonight.

i get hooked reading the blogs and posts.

:)))) spreading the love my fellow suffers. this site shows there are many who care x


hi Butterfly

sorry to hear you've been getting a hard time not seen posts thank goodness or I've been too much of a space cadet to notice what's been happening!

My great granny use to say- If you live long enough you'll see it all.

I never understood what she meant , but as I've got older I've come to realise that lifes got a funny way of working! As I would say- It will come back & bite you on the bum!

Take heart & rember there ares so many lovely, kind, warm people on this site.

xxx soft hugs xxx dottiedog


Hi dottiedog,unfortunately it wasn`t just me this joker had a go at,he deeply upset another member.Who had not long joined and I think ended up wondering what the hell she had come to.

Luckily after a lot of convincing I see she has boged again today,so that makes me feel better.

I learnt a big lesson and that is "Don`t feed Trolls" as that is what they thrive on reactions from people.

Still hopefuly Admin have it under control,but it`s a shame we will have to be watchful of this kind of thing.

Don`t know about you but I`m 58 and now really do feel I`ve seen it all.Computors are a blessing,but they have a dark side also,and this is what we saw this weekend.

Love and hugs Butterfly54xxxxx


Hi Butterfly, I didn't see the post or the discussion because was in a bad way and couldn't use computer but I do feel from what others have said that you have nothing to apologise for. My very first ever blog on here went off subject and I let myself get dragged in and it all ended badly. I apologised and have learned a lot.

I hope this doesn't change the forum. I wouldn't like to see it pre-moderated so that posts take days to appear for example.

Christine x


Hi Christine,we had what is known as a Troll and the abuse to members was awful.

Admin eventualy got on top of it and with a bit of luck thats the end of it,he has had his fun and is off to the next poor vctims.

I made this apology as I felt it was my fault as I tackled him over comments made to members not realising what he was.Then drew him out to blog as he was hiding in peoples blogs and questions.He then went for my throat so`s to speak and was dreadfuly cruel to another member,and of coarse others.

Not a nice time,but we are back to the usual calm happy band we always are.

Love and hugs Jayne xxxx


Hi Butterfly 54,

No need to apologise, some people are just intent on making mischief, and take some perverse pleasure in causing it. Maybe this person has more problems than they can cope with and so turn their own vitriol on others...who knows?? . But why inflict it on others is beyond me, being nice is soooo much easier than being nasty.

Let's just hope this is the end of it and lessons have been learnt by all and admin and co can nip these in the bud as soon as they are reported.

"Don't feed the trolls", so true, don't give them fuel for the fire.

what a shame our little Fibro family has been upset, let's hope normal service is soon resumed. Makes you feel a bit unsettled though, yes this is the downside of the internet sadly. But you can't legislate for idiots as they say,there will always be some mischief makers, it's how we decide to deal with them that matters. Swift action and nip it in the bus.

Hope you're k

Take care

Jan xxx


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