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Had a bad week

Have had a bad week this week with one thing or another, my fibro has been worse along with my depression - put it down to seeing a not so understanding doctor a week Friday.....basically said if I looked after myself my iron levels and Vits D levels would be normal and I wouldn't suffer with depression.....he also was not going to prescribe me Tramadol which the Rheumatology team recommended.......was made to feel worse than I did going in. On a good note I do have an appointment to assess my needs and identify a plan of care.

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Oh I am so sorry to hear that you have had a bad week, its a vicious circle the pain causes all sorts of symptoms which leads to Depression, the Rheumatology team shiuld have written to your Dr requeating that you be prescribed Tramadol, so I don't understand that at all.

Also if I may I would suggest you see another Dr.

Soft Hugs x x x


fight for your rights but perhaps next week if you feel.better, I keep changing doc i will find a good one :-)

Soft hugs xxx



Thanks for your kind comments, the doctor I normally see was away on holiday, so it wasn't my usual doctor. The rheumatology team did write to my doctors, this one obviously is not sympathic to peoples needs and illnesses x


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