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infusion...take 2

Alright here I go again. Last week spent the whole day in the hospital, only to be told they couldn't perform the procedure!!!! I was there over 8 hours, no food or drink, all day long. Today they promise i will get the pain IV. i don't even know if it's gonna help at all, but I've been waiting since november, so it better do something....wish me luck again. Take care everyone, and thanks for all the good wishes.

charlie xxx

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good luck and take care


Wot is it ur having is it for the fibro? X


Good luck again and best wishes, did you manage to ask them what infusion you are going to have and get all your questions answered? Take care, fingers crossed they do it today for you, soft hugs x


Good luck. hope that you have the procedure.

Hugs x x x


Hi Charlie do you know if it's Lidnocaine infusions/ by iv you are having ? I used to have these a few years ago only then they were done over an 8 hour period and you had them for 6 days each getting stronger more Lidnocaine less other liquid it wasn't saline but fibro fog means I can't remember. The 1st time I had them in November the pain relief kicked in about late December n I felt like the bionic woman in comparison, I had them

Every 6 months for 10 years but towards the end I felt that I wasn't getting the pain relief I had been and as Lidnocaine is a very strong drug & there can be heart problems as a consequence I stopped having them after 1st missing my due infusions & not feeling any worse. I am waiting for Lidnocaine infusion following a shoulder operation that has cured the original problem, but caused a much worse problem following a piece of bone being taken from my collar bone. The new infusions are for just 2 hours with 1 hour rest afterwards. Your hooked up to a blood pressure cuff that goes off auto on the hour & connected to a heart monitor throughout the procedure. If if is Lidnocaine infusions I would hope they would have given you a detailed information sheet regarding the treatment as I was again in June but have to wait until September for this so can't really comment on the effectiveness of it. If you know for certain it is Lidnocaine & haven't had a information sheet please feel free to contact me on & I can email you recent copy I have, but obviously only if it is Lidnocaine infusions. I have heard people having good pain relief with the new 2 hour infusion but cannot comment myself except for my previous 7 day stay, which I actually enjoyed living alone & spending so much time in bed nice food n plenty of people to talk to felt like a holiday with pain relief lol

Hope I have been of some help Karen


thank you everyoneee. my hands are way shakaky. i did indeed get the infusion and it is lidocaine. When i got home after, i was really tired. didn't eat until about 9pm. i wasn't hungry. 2 sm pieces of pizza.carla had to help me into bed. Had a horrible resless sleep. She said I kept moving, more than usual, and was talking in my sleep.Got out of bed at about 5am. Just laying on couch. god i hope it helps. Will say morre in a few days. bye

charlie xx


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