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just a wee update about dla appeal x

phoned my doctors today, and told them i had been knocked back for my dla, the first words out his mouth was to get an appeal in straight away and to put his name down as the person for them to get in contact with, he said if i dont appeal then what they will say is well she didnt need it in the first place,and that thats what they hope most ppl will do, so feel a bit better knowing hes going to back me. soft hugs for everyone xx

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srry meant to say also my aunties partner had her appeal for esa and when she went in she had no points, they gave her 15 points and said she shouldnt have had to appeal in the first place x


That is great of your Dr to back you up like that and so hope that you have your appeal overturned ( is that rite) and you win!!! Xxxxhuggles


Glad you have a good GP that is great!!

Hugs x x x


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