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One of those days!!!!!

Hi all, i went and seen the olympic torch yesterday and got the bus as it was easier than trying to drive.had to walk for ages as the bus couldnt get into centre as it was closed, stood around waiting for the torch and it was really good to see it when it went passed. But boy am i paying for it today!!!!! I felt it last night but today everything hurts from my head to my toes!!!!! then i had to go and get a few bits of shopping today. I am so tired and sore...

take care jo x

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well i hope you feel better soon ,my son wanted to go and see the torch today as it was coming to norwich ,i just couldnt face it though ,it must have been great to see it though

hugs xxx


Hope you soon feel better, what a memory though.


Rest and pace yourself, we have to have our experiences, but as you say we pay for it afterwards.




hi, thank you all for leaving a comment. yes it was good to see it on tuesday, i am still suffering though i think it was the long walk and then having to stand around. But im taking iot easy and not doing a thing today!!!!!

take care

Jo x


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