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PainConcern Poll on Amitriptyline

The PainConcern.HU community are running a poll of the effectiveness of Amitriptyline for pain relief. I know many of you will have had experience of this med, so why not go take part in their poll?


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Taken part Lindsey, thank you! :) :)


Ive been on amitriptyline for 10 years now and apart from me taking time to wake up in the morning im fine with it i take 25mg every night with 2 paracetamol as i get restless legs as well i take zinc and magnessium as well.


Have been taking 75mg at night for quite a few years with no side affects but being investigated for prostrate cancer, bearing in mind that amitriptyline makes you retain pee (not a bad effect at night) I weaned of altogether over the space of 6 weeks.

Now I don't sleep properly, have restless legs, struggle to get out of bed and get dressed and all my muscles and joints give me gyp and I have to force myself to move around. But--- when I have started moving i,e, to go to hospital it gradually gets easier ( only for short periods). When I have got past the treatment then I shall ask to go back to the amitryptyline. I have been on pregabolin but had too many side affects.


Ive been on them now for 5yrs,with a gradual increase to 125grms a day which is alot,my doc perscribed them for nerve pain and depression,i know they are strong,but would i be able to cope with the pain and depression without them?


What I would ask is "how well are your symptoms controlled?". Because if you're still in pain, or struggling with other symptoms, then possibly there is a better alternative.

Re depression, 125mg is a low dose for depression. Amitriptyline is rarely used for depression now as there are other medications that can be taken at lower doses so with less problematic side effects.


Tried Amytriptylline, worked well in it's muscle relaxant role, but gave me vivid dreams of sitting on the toilet! Several times I nearly wet my bed, then changed to another tablet.


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