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another day

Good Morning all!

been on the computer for half an hour and must get day going!

My new phone is coming today, excited but it does take me ages to get used to a new phone and this is touch screen as well. Happy days.

Housework this morning, pacing it with breaks for a coffee,then new phone, then swim and back home

Fish for dinner, cook from frozen so no need to worry, lots of veg too. Am on a diet after 2 weeks holiday, starting weight 12stone 6lbs. Anyone fancy joining me? We can encourage each other. I want to get to 12 stone as my first goal.

Anyway,bye for now and have a good day xxx

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sounds like a good day :)

i wish i could pace myself im rubbish at it lol now sitting here in lots of pain again as i have over done it ,oh well i hope your day is as good as its sounds xx


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