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My sister called me today as she had a cancelation so she asked if i wanted my nails done soi popped up to have them done all pink and sparkley they look really lovely then i came home and sat on the bed with my kindle and rested my bones so that was nice.

But i am hoping to be in all day wed until 3pm when i go and see one of my friends for a coffee but she onlylives 5 min walk from me so that will be nice .

now sitting on the sofa with a yogurt and my little doggy and watching some telly .

love to yo all diddle xxx

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That was nice to have your nails done diddle - I went for a spray tan yesterday to make me feel better with this dreadful weather :( there's a local lady who does them at a good price so I thought why not, I don't treat myself very often.

Enjoy your time with your friend tomorrow, will there be some cake with that coffee? lol

Angel hugs for you xx


lol my sister done the course for that last wed and is as i type ordering the kit and is doing them from next week so i am gonna haveone lol how weird just dont fancy the paper knickers ha ha love diddle xx


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