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Tired, burning and sore!!!!

I am so tired today,ive just had to change out of my jeans into leggings as my back,hips and legs are so sore to touch my jeans where to hard. I feel like screaming today...

At the docs tomorrow as i need to have a chat about my meds...

Sorry guys for moaning but just having a really bad day and didnt know who else to moan too!!!!! lol

hugs jo x

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Hi hun hope ur pain eases very soon but until then heres a gentle hug & a big :) 4u x


hun thats what we are here for to help each other you are allowed to moan to us on here and if you cant moan to us who can you moan to that will understand how you are feeling

hope you feel at ease soon hun lots of fluffy cuddles coming your way xxx


hello it is good to have a moan and get thing off your chest Ihope you feel better soon take care love beth xx


Aww, hope you feel better in your leggings - there's nothing worse when you ache all over :) hope you feel better soon and hopefully the doc will sort out your meds :)

Angel hugs xx


Hi All

Thank you so much for all of your lovely comments and taking the time to write them - they have all made me smile :)

I am still sore today and still burning. Been at docs and i need to try and come of my meds over the course of the next month r so as i am getting side effects from them but when im off them i dont know what else to take apart from just painkillers!!!!doc signed me off work for the next month but i felt he was a bit reluctant and i have to focus on getting back to work then as i have been off for quite a while and im only 32 and people with FM do go to work!!!!this is what i got told today, i told him i understand that but if i dont feel ready what can i do and i do want to go back to work....

So for me this month its focus and i will be going back to work!!!!

Take care all and i hope you are all well.

Big Soft Hugs from Me



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