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fibro verses lymphodema ?

i have got to the stage that i don't know wich is the worsed or the best ?

been up sinse 2 thismorning and the pain in my legs is just so bad and the preshor stockings so uncoftebel and i think i am just holding my self together

i can feel my legs over my fibro or the other way i have no idea now i just can't think anymoore . i am just to tiyerd of it all i have got my mother inlaw staying

and she is help but my huby who was my brick has changed so much he has gone horribal

soft hugs kath

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aww lv,maybe he finds it hard that he cant make you better.most men cant deal with pain and in sure he gets fedup with having to deal with your conditions NOT YOU,theres a difference.i mean no1 more than you gets pi**ed off to the max,so its only normal he will get see after all he cant see what you said yourself he`s normally your brick(well bricks get cracks too)but in sure that your brick will get filled in and he`ll be back to normal,as normal as his life can be with you...please dont think that im taking away fm how you are or how you feel cos im not...but im talking fm experience....i hope you arnt offened by my reply cos i truely dont want to upset you anymore than what you are..lots of lv and warm fluffy hugs to you and your hubby xxxxxxxxxxxxxx ps please remember that it is Mr fibro whos the SH*T not any1 else in yours life xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


ps again,i dont no much about lymphodema but im sure its as bad as Mr fibro the SH* having 2 SH*TS to deal with cant be easy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Kath, know just what your going through. My leg is very bad at the moment with the Lypho. Was given stocking but slung them as they really cut into the folds of my leg. One minute my leg is dead, then next minute aching with shooting pains and I'm sure there's a beehive in there. I hop around on one leg. Waiting for an appointment with Macmillan nurses but in the meanwhile am just having to put up with it, My husband is used to me now and besides he has tinnitus and literally just turns a deaf ear to me, which I suppose in one way is a good thing as he doesnt hear me cursing and moaning all the time.Although I am not able to get out these days I never stop him. - does him good to get away from me!! He and his friends meet up once a month for a drink and as they are all in this mid to late 70s they are like the old fellows in Last of the Summer Wine. Pity they are starting to pop off over the last few years. But the remaining ones have their little days out.I dont think they know how funny they are. So between my FM and other things and his Tinnitus things can become very tense at times. Me not having the energy to keep repeating myself gets my back up and there is not a day goes by when we dont have an argument. But we depend on each other. Nowhere to run,or the energy to run after 57 years!! marriage.

I do understand how you must feel though. We go through hell with this illness and the doctors dont want to know. My husband can be really horrible sometimes but I just tell him to

go away nicely - as if!!!!


even the get a lot of pain i only have Mr fibro the SH*T to deal with plus i lv on my own with my son popping in and really im a bit more luckier than the both of you,i wish you both well,lots of lv and cosy hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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