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Ok so i was going to go to town then sit and read but no walked dog with my partner after 2 hours shopping then got back and lady wanted to see my table and chairs that were on gumtree so had to get those all set up in garden as they in the shed (my shed is likea mini house with carpet and net curtains lol) then she wanted to think about it she called me an hour later and came an hour after that t pick it up and text me to say it looks fab in her house glad it was only £20 for 5ft oval mahogany table and 6 chairs 2of them arte calvers and it solid wood they are so heavy tolift but there you go no one wants to pay for things these days as lonfg as it gone to a good home that is all that matters . so just went to get in the bath then my daughter turns up all dressed up as her and her sister are going to a hen night in girls house anne summers aprty and a stripper so now had a bath and sitting down waiting for partner to come so much for my easy afternoon but tommorrow is another a day and a day of rest for diddle i think !!!!!!!!!

hope you all ahd a more relaxing day love to you all diddle x

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Glad you have had a good day Diddle. Now make sure you rest. Did you have cake?? Hug n love to you. Helen xx


Hi,Diddle. I came home from Spain,all chilled and daughter asked me to help out at her school for the whole of the first day back home,managed really well,almost felt healed! Housework all morning,and shopping, now ache with pain in shoulders,neck,chest,arms and hip! Still have fibro! xxx

I tend to do this on a regular basis, do too much,then collapse in a heap for a day ! When will we ever learn? Have a relax tomorrow xxx


Aw bless you hope you feloing better now ;lol love diddle xx


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