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Rise and Shine

Firstly good morning diddle, I'm sure you'll be on here soon.

Well i came to bed for a nap at 16:30 and work up at 02:30, not quite what I wanted as I'm going away for the weekend and need to pack, shower etc. I'm quite nervous as I'm going for a training weekend and have got accommodation paid for, but that means I'm gonna have to talk to people, eat and they will probably drink. I might say I have a sleep disorder, I struggle explaining what's wrong with me... I do see my chronic fatigue/restless legs as a sleep disorder as I either sleep for a long time or can't sleep....

I hope that everybody is ok when they wake up, I have to get up in half hour but I really don't want to, I could sleep all day but my back hurts. I forgot my tablets yesterday ''/

An hour ago there were drunk people outside my window, now the birds are singing. lol.

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Morning hun,makes a change for us to be on here before diddle,hope that means she is getting a bit more sleep poor love.

Just remember to pace yourself as much as the weekend allows,even if you have to disappear to your room with your lunch and put your feet up.

I would stick with the sleep disorder story as people seem to understand things like that,and keep fibro under your hat.

It`s not fair that we have to be that way,but sometimes it is so much easier than watching peoples eyes glaze over.

Don`t forget your meds and try to stay relaxed.

Love and hugs Butterfly54xxxxx


Thank you for the advice, Yeh I've found that when I've said sleep disorder people understand. I've also been thinking its kind of the opposite of narcalopsey as narcalopsey results in you falling into deep sleep (i.e delta wave sleep) easily and quickly where as we don't get any deep sleep.. And its only food safety today but that means I've gotta listen to someone talk for a long time which makes it easier to get sleepy. fingers crossed.

and Yeh hopefully diddle is fast asleep or maybe she's walking her dog :)


morning all - the number of mornings -early ones - I have sat feeling very alone, but now I have found this site I realize there are lots of us just up because we cannot sleep an we hurt. To sleep and rest would be marvelous but then I would miss all the wonderful birds racketing in the new day. Does anyone belong to a support group? I took my daughter to a CF and Fybro one yesterday and I wondered if there was anything near Carlisle/ Dumfriess. Have a good day go safely but enjoy, the most important thing is to have a few laughs it really keeps you going and hids the tears! xgins


I agree, its amazing the support on here, just reading other blogs makes me feel so in touch with you guys x x


Morning all.

Yes I agree hun make sure you manage to pace yourself but enjoy the weekend as much as possible. Although I agree, talks are so boring and seem to drag.

Another restless night for me and now i have to go to Aldi's so another walk after the long one yesterday. My pain levels are at a 9 at the mo so god knows what they will be like when i get back but hey ho, its awful weather so hopefully can relax for rest day.

I always forget to log in here during the night but i am sure i would see people on so i wouldnt feel so fed up alone.

Anyway gentle hugs for all and hope you all have a relatively stree free weekend.



thanks :) I'm in my b&b now, exhausted! I think I made a fool of myself all day, I talk too much and ramble but I dont realise and I knocked someone's glass of wine onto their lap, god I'm awful :(


I remembered them and I've taken them, so exhausted, last night I was recovering from spending the night before vomitting, so now I'm gonna try and recover from todays draining day, I find socalising very draining and there was a little exam too. tomorrow is lots and lots of cooking god help me. but i am gonna fight this into remission as much as possible over summer, exercise diet sleep everything will be done and sorted and i will get better ish


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