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All shook up !

I have been away for a break in our caravan & enjoying the relaxation, then it started....i had the shakes i have had them 1 or 2 a week, not too long and i take a diazepam 5mg which the doctor prescribed, then i settle down.

I wonder if anyone else has the shake or tremors, the last one i had lasted nearly 1 hour & it scared me a bit lasting so long. Does anyone else suffer the shakes/tremors & how do they cope?

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Hi motzie , welcome home !

I'm the same and I too take Diazepam to stop it . I start with a 2 mg dose and if that doesn't work I take another .


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Thanks Helen, thought i was going mad as it lasted longer than usual, normaly take 1/2 of tablet (5mg) wait to see if i settle down. Then i had 1 & 1/2 till it got better.

My husband got a bit of a fright as i did, i don't like it when the fibro wins lol, take care soft hugs xx


I've recently been getting shakes and tremors in my hands, my left one mostly, is that what you mean? Or does your whole body shake?

It never occurred to me that it might be a fibro thing!



Hi pottydog, thanks for replying, i get the shakes which usual start with my head & moves to my arms & legs with everything having a shaking sensation.

Tace care gentle hugs xx.


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