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I got up at the usual 4 am and my little Grandson who came int he bed with me half way through the night bless him stirred but i put some juice in a bottle and he went off to sleep again sowhen he awakes we hall take the doggyup the road and then pop out to shops and go and meet his daddy to take him home he has been so good but i am washed out bless him but there yoiu go i have enjoyed having him , i just wish i could keep him for another day but i physically cant i know as soon as he goes i will be on the bed all afternoon i was doing that anyway ,

love to you all diddle xxxx

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Glad though that you enjoyed him! I love having my grandson but he's 3 and sometimes even though he's been good it washes me out! xx


aww we are lucky to have family mine keep me going xxx


Thank god I'm not that bad with my fibro I'm not sleeping more than 4 weeks due to pain but try carry on best I can good luck all you nannas hopefully it be me next year love and hugs karen xX


Hi Diddle,

Glad you enjoyed your Grandson.

Mine went home yesterday evening and I've slept like a log but feel shell shocked this morning.

Luckily Rod, my partner was at home with me so the work load was shared, the only bug bear was the weather. We'd promised them a picnic in the park but as usual it poured down. So we put up little pop-up tents in the living room and had a picnic in the tent!

The sun came out just as their Mum came to collect them.

i don't get to see them too often and how quickly they change...

We're so blessed Diddle, they make everything worth while..

Take care and have plenty of rest, love, Ren Robin xxxxx


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