O.T. help??!!!!

the OT guy came today to deliver some half steps made to order for my flat so that i can be safer getting in and out, great, wonderful, really helpful......only thing is they are still sitting in their nice boxes on my floor as a trip hazzard because...you guessed it...he wasnt "allowed" to put them up as they were not the normal ones.if the OT guy cant put them up, the people who are supose to be helping me , who will??????? tomorrow my wheelchair arrives. just wondering if that too will be in pieces? AAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH! oh well. on goes the smiley face, you have got to laugh havent you!

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  • hmm maybe answer the door naked next time and tell them some oone couldnt make yourr clothes either lol maybe someone might help ya... im joking but i thought it was funny.

  • lol! i;ll let you know what they say!

  • if I answered the door naked they d run a mile, my wheelchair camr ready assembled, as for your steps can you phone OT and get care and repair to put them up

  • ok thanks! glad the wheelchair comes assembled !

  • I had an OT many years ago when I lived in London since being here I don't know how to go about asking for one. can anyone help me out?

    My wheelchair was customised by the hospital for me, as i'm so short!!!!! but it did come fully assembled and my carer's had a demonstration on how they come apart to fold for the car.


  • i got an OT assesment by calling the local social services who gave a number to call. you could try that.

  • Thank Rafiki

  • send an email to firstcontact@ whichever borough you are in it goes to the top guy and things really move i wrote to them and said doesnt anyone care if i live or die please help me and told them how i had no wheelchair an arrogant ot etc they jumped and within two weekd all had been sorted keep emailing and phoning daily its a case ofthe mostnoisy get the help. just to shut them up sad but true petal

  • thanks fadedblossom.

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