£1M Bonus For Axing Benefits

The Fatcat boss of a firm hired to help slash the benefits bill has won a bonus of nearly £1 million.

Thierry Breton's bumper payout means he pocketed more than £1.9 million last year.Details of the obscene sum paid to the head of French firm Atos come as David Cameron draws up draconian new welfare cuts.Atos was brought in to reassess 2.5 million people on incapacity benefit to help the DWP decide whether they are fit for work.Mr Breton received his massive pay out despite mounting numbers of successful appeals by people ordered to get a job after being tested by the firm.Heart Attack and Lung Disease victims are among those judged to be well enough to work.

The Atos chief's latest payment comes on top of wages and perks totalling £1.83 million in 2010.

The appeals system costs taxpayers tens of millions of pounds to administer.Labour MP Tom Greatrex says Mr Breton's bonus will "sicken" those put through the reassessment ordeal.

This forms part of an article on page 8 of The Daily Mirror Newspaper dated 27-6-2012.It makes interesting reading.


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33 Replies

  • it's a disgrace . Every time I read something like this my blood boils.

    Does anyone know if it's true that ATOS are paid on commission ?

  • hi Helen, as far as i recall reading somewhere they get paid £80 for everyone they turn down so you can see where their allegiance lies!!! Will see if i can find the article, maybe the Daily Mail months ago.

    Take care

    Jan H x

  • Slight correction,they get paid £100 for each person they see...google it and the results are mind boggling. what a total waste of money. also says that on average 32people a week die after being classed as "fit for work", heartbreaking.

    take care...going to find smelling saltsand calm down

    Jan xx

  • It's possible to leave a comment on the story , easy to log into if you have a face book account.

  • having a dim moment...log into what?, need to leave every commeny i can


    jan H x

  • If you have an FB account and want to comment on the article it has a button that says " log in with face Book " , if you click that it automatically signs you in with your FB account details .

    Hope that helps


  • Hi Helen i don't no if it's commission based,it certainly made my blood boil yesterday when i read the paper.I do have a facebook account wiil take a look .

  • I did leave a comment, but I doubt they'd print it if I told them how I really feel about it !

  • Hi Helen,

    I eventually found the article and went to leave a post but didn't get on too well as i had to make soooo many alterations to it, and when i looked why, it was as so many of the words i used...ie, shambolic, farcical, inept, crawling across the floor!! to name but a few (over 14 words)were classed as libelous...gave it up as a bad job as i couldn't put what i wanted.

    Take care

    Jan H xx

  • I was told years ago that they do get paid for every negative comment

  • Hi, that would not surprise me either

  • If that's true then that's just wrong . How do we get a fair assessment in that case ?

  • I do know that they get paid over £100 for every medical they do,

    Another Disgrace

  • boxter , if you'd like to add me as a friend on facebook . I often share articles on there . It's Helen Southwell, pic of a howling wolf .

  • Hi Helen,

    Yes i will add you it's always nice to speak to someone that understands our illness

  • Hi Helen, may i add you as a friend on fb.

    thank you, take care

    Jan H xx

  • Of course Jan , please do.


  • thank you xx

  • first reaction - you have to be kidding!!!! But no, we know it's all too true, and despite news like this continuing to come into the open, it's still happening all over. How do these people sleep at night? Oh yes in luxurious beds/bedding and a few glasses of something nice to relax them after hard days graft down in the pits. I subscribe to Private Eye, and it seems to me that this type of thing that the Eye likes to look into is so wide spread it's no longer of interest to the wider media World. Plus of course you have to take into a/c the double agenda operated by the media moguls at the top, who only go after rivals and ignore the rest to protect their interests. Civilised society? No the law of the jungle and survival of the fittest still dominates.

  • Ha ha no i kid you not !Plus i bet these people sleep better than us at night,I am sometimes still awake when my husband goes to work at 6am.My husband bought me a Kindle as holding a book makes my arms ache i bet they don't have that problem.It's an absolute disgrace and makes my blood boil they are lining their own pockets.I bet if i was some foreigner i would be given all the help in the world it would be thrown at me !!

    Take Care

  • Hi, not managed to find the article yet, computer refuses to follow instructions. Will have another go later and brace myself :-(

    Take care

    Jan H x

  • Hi Shortnsweet .If you go to the Daily Mirror site then put Thierry Briton in the search bar it should bring the article up , it was published on june 27th .

    Hope that helped .


  • Hi Helen,

    thank you found it in the end.

    Well, what can i say. read another article..google what Atos doctors get paid for medicals...£100 each,,ppfftt. words fail me.

    Incandescent here...

    Take care

    Jan h xx

  • Hi Jan,

    How can they justify that it's beggers belief.

    Just a band of legal thieves really.

    Take Care

    Carol x

  • So what do they do with all that money?? "Oh, Im sorry, cant accept that huge amount of money old chap, theres ill and disabled people struggling to live, let them have it, I dont need it bcoz Im filthy rich already". Oh sorry, fatigue set in and I dropped off and dreamed that.....Selfish B*****DS.

  • Spot on bumblebee57,how do they lie straight in bed.Thieves

    Take Care no more Dreams lol

    Carol x

  • I'm totally stunned but really not surprised sadly. The whole episode is based on lies from top to bottom, Starting with the "medicals" , they certainly don't put on the forms what we tell them. As per previous, they're a complete work of fiction. anyone who's fallen foul of Atos knows that.

    How can this smug, selfish self centred ba***rd live with himself...does he really know what goes on?? Oh yes he does and believes he's doing the right thing by declaring the disabled are fir for work...dose of what really goes on would do him good. hey ho wishful thinking there then.

    Have since googles Atos and medicals etc...some frightening reading when you realise on average 32 people a week classed as fit for work actually die.

    What a total shambles.

    Thoughts to all have a good weekend

    Jan H xx

  • Hi Jan,

    I am waiting for a copy of the medical the Atos Dr gave to the DWP will let you know what it says likely a pack of lies.I am about to google Atos Dr's and Medicals now.Will probably be reading a horror story !

    Hope you have a great weekend too.

    Carol x

  • Hi carol,

    Well good luck, hope your report is not too fictional. Really does get me down to see so many on here telling the same story, it is obviously soooo wrong, but what can we do?..appeal, every appeal must tell a story.

    Re, reading articles, best brace yourself, makes my blood boil and i don't usually get too wound up, it's just the injustice of it all and i feel so helpless.

    Read one article that typical i can't find, a forum that i stumbled on, where they said "only" about 35/40% win on appeal...so 60% are basically scamming!!!!! Ba...rds. Forum said it was nearer to 70% that win. NEVER trust statistics and gov't figures...manipulated to read what they want.

    Oh dear, gone off on one lol, must be the pressure of waiting for the "brown envelope of doom" :-{

    Take care

    Jan H xx

  • Hi Jan,

    The lady on the phone for DWP said she would have the reports that they used to make their decision sent to me ....now i have received a letter to say another decision maker will look at my claim again.It will probably take 11 weeks do not contact them until after 11 weeks.Look's like i am not going to get the reports as she said nothing would be done until i had read them,so why look at the claim again !!.Why 11 weeks what takes so long Oh Dear They Probably On Holiday.

    Will have to wait for the brown envelope of doom as you call it.

    Take Care

    Carol x

  • Hi Carol,

    contradiction, contradiction, they really are a rule unto themselves. I can only conclude that they are in such a mess with all the people getting rejected and appealing they are bogged down with it all. Really makes me cross and i rarely do cross!!

    At least they are having another look...stalling part one methinks. Still you never know it might do some good, i really hope so.

    Why can't they send the reports anyway?...useful to tuck away for future reference. Seems they can write what they like, we ALL know that, but we're not necessarily privy to it!!!

    11 weeks is totally unacceptable, so what is going on??brings me back to there must be a massive backlog due to all the refusals and appeals.

    Brown envelope of doom...just what it is for so many of us on here...more clogging up the system with appeals etc, surely this must tell them something??...or not as the case maybe.

    Hey ho,

    Take care

    Jan xx

  • The system is a joke and no wonder, why employ a french company everybody knows they hate the English. The only reason this guy earns so much is because they are ripping us off, I desperately hope they do not get the contract for PIP x

  • Hi lynnh,

    Often thought the same myself. Why the hell use a foreign company...more millions going out the country to some corrupt foreign "business". They must really love us!!!

    Sickening to see how they really think they are doing a great job while so many are suffering at their hands.

    Take care

    Jan H xx

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