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does anyone else have probs with wearing jewelry make-up and even weight of clothes?

I used to wear jewelry and make-up a lot but I find that after while I ache if i wear even the lightest of necklaces,my fingers ache from wedding rings and I don't really bother with ear-rings.Depending on what clothes I wear also depends on whether I can hawl myself about and I know it sounds silly but even wearing eyeshadow and mascara causes it's own hassle,and yet as soon as I take everything off my headaches lift and I can feel my body re-adjusting,very bizzarre and annoying lol

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Hey gizzmo, gentle hugs. I rarely wear make up as the pain gets me so tense I sweat from the head - all down my face - no matter what time of year it is. But I don't really like wearing all the brown muck - just eye shadow, Kohl, mascara, blusher and lippy if I do wear anything. The weight of the muck-up really gets to me - even if there's no weight to the stuff!

I love jewellery - but only wear it if I go out of the house - I feel naked without rings, bangles, bracelets, earrings and pendants on - I'll wear it even if it feels as though it's weight is slicing open my skin! I have so much stuff - I want to be cremated with it all - well - my daughter does not want it and I paid a good £1,000+ on eBay for it all - and still buying! I do struggle to get rings on and off as my whole body swells due to oedema.

Hmmm - I wonder? - if my headaches are due to withdrawal of NOT wearing my jewellery around the home as well! :-P


Carol xx


hehe ,same here I do like a bit of bling and so annoying but I too have a fetish as I call it and my 2 girls keep asking why Mum, you can't wear it.But I can't help myself.I don't consider myself old so why should a bit of pain stop me hehe x happy bling wearing x


i love my jewlery but lately its taking the micky my ears are always infected! now im allergic to metal the ones i buy have to be 18karot but im reacting to these now too!! ugg fibro the joys to look forward to xx ziggy


It is good to hear from someone else who struggles with jewellery. I thought I was just being weird not being able to wear rings. My husband wonders who I'm off to meet as I can't even tolerate my wedding ring. Thank you for putting my mind at rest, Jo x


hi kamarupa. I got married on 14th feb for the 2nd time.

My new hubby wanted me to get a wedding ring but I said no for now as my fingers swell up and yet another ring in my purse.

we both forgot to buy rings and ended up with 2 jubilee clips from homebase...what a laugh?! I wear it going out. simply the best x


Mrs Valentine, that's brilliant! xx


Me too, I've had to stop wearing my jewelry. I get so hot n sweat around my head, face & neck it irritates my necklace. Have had to take my rings off as my fingers swell up.

Lots of luv

Jackie xx


Me too, will have to look at the jubilee clips, sounds hiarious!! Perhaps we could start a new support charity fashion item, adjustable rings sounds just the ticket!

SadlyI react to all metals to one degree or another, so only wear my wedding ring etc now and again. I feel naked without them, 28 years of marriage gets you kinda used to things!


I've apparently developed a metal allergy - only 18 carat gold or better is suitable for me. Real shame as I have some lovely chunky metal and ceramic necklaces and earrings. Mostly the ones on plastic or rubber 'chains' are ok, but still irritate my neck somewhat.

I don't wear face make up, only waterproof mascara, blusher and lippy. Face makeup makes my eyes sting and swell up - always has done. Whether any of this is down to Fibro I don't know, but it is irritating!