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Dearest, Kitkip, Rosylyn, Susie59

Thanks ever so much for your time. I feel much more better when i am heard by the other people also listen their health problems similar to my. Stress is causing even more health problem , the corruption i try to explain is not only my difficulties, but ours. If a few of you has not been thorough this I would say you were lucky this time. I have been to 4 different Dental surgeries, 2 NHS Hospital, it took me 5 years experience to make decision about them.

The low forcing us to get registered by a Dental Surgery!!!!! there is no Hospital dental treatment we have to referred by the surgeries. The low is protecting rich and robbing poor people!!. They are scroungers themselfs.

Kitkip, I am very sorry to hear about your health, every medication has side effects, I hope you have some people around you to ease difficulty of cooping with too many health problems. XX

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