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Positive powers of thanks.


I wish and I will answer each and everyone of you lovely people who have sent me comforting messages eventually.

Reading all your posts and seeing as well of feeling your pain has given me a less isolated feeling.

When we were attacked over a year ago and I was attending doctors/hospitals/physiotherapists as time went by they expected my physical pain to heal but instead it spread to different parts of my body. When finally a year later at the pain clinic I was diagnosed with fibermyalgia . It was a releif to put a name to my condition, but I had never heard of it nor any of my friends or family. Since joining these forms and reading your posts I have learned more about fibermyalgia than any doctor has told me and I find comfort that I'm not alone.

We have a court case soon and I am trying to rest as much as possible to prepare myself for the next battle in seeking justice. So I may not be online much.

One thing I must ask is does anybody get locked jaws it's been happening a lot and is painful.

I wish yous all a pain free goodnight and may your morning be full of rainbows xx

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I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your upcoming court case, and I sincerely hope that you manage to get some justice.

Please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you


Like your quote. I'm sorry you are having issues with your jaw. I luckily do not experience that ( as of yet). That sounds horrible and a bit scary. I have read that some Fibro sufferers have experienced the same when I have read various articles on symptoms of FMS. I truly (pray) that is alleviated soon.

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Sue- I wish you well for the court-case. Personally I have never suffered lock jaw but I do suffer from ear pain (right ear) which is a bit of a nuisance sometimes. It would be great if you could checked out by the GP to rule out any other possible underlying health issues.

Do let us know how you get on. We are always here for you to chat too, anytime day or night.

Sending you warm and gentle soft hugs :) xx

May I just add my good wishes to all the others. You have been through such a lot and to now be I'll on top of it all is so tragic.


Good luck

yes I get lock jaw especially after a long yawning session

I get locked jaw but it is the muscle in my chin which seizes up and is very painful, but it passes. My jaw moves again but the pain stays a good bit longer. Not sure if that's what you meant. I have had a pain right in the hinge joint which stopped my mouth opening properly. That lasted about 8 weeks. It started at the dentist, having to open wide for treatment on a back tooth 🐸

Hi Sue I hope all goes well in court, I don't get Lock Jaw, but I do get cramp like in my top part of jaw into my ear very painfull can't touch it . Not always there.

Wishing you well also!

I thought it was a made up condition, in the 80'smarried to a health professional it was discribed behind doors as a hysterical condition and not real so when I was told I had it in 2011 I was so angry and faught the diagnosis tooth and nail , it wasn't till 2014 that my body gave up as I had pushed my self and had to much stress with one thing no another ,

This site has educated me , and taught me exceptance and humility and most importantly pacing and given me friendship with myself and others of like minds .

Hugs to all

Chris x

Hi Sue, I'm so glad you are feeling a bit more positive about your situation. I do so hope that the court case goes in your favour because you really do need justice to be done so you can move on. It's not something you can ever forget but as we all know, time is a healer.

I was similar to you in the fact I had never heard of Fibromyalgia and a specialist gave me a leaflet, at the same time saying this is what I think you have, so I was thinking, well Iv had all these same symptoms for years so why hasn't this been picked up before by other doctors or specialist. I was also relieved that finally I could tell people that I have Fibromyalgia instead of feeling a complete idiot and saying, well the doctor doesn't really know what's wrong, the hospital don't know what's wrong with me either.

I think over the years the times I've had doctors treat me like a complete fool & times I've come away from appointments in floods of tears and thinking I was losing the plot. Then to find out when I finally sent for my medical records, there it was and there it had been for over 20 yrs. "This Lady Has Fibromyalgia"

I remember looking on net & all the info on it and all my symptoms were there and I had this feeling that I had been so let down and had no help at all from the medical professionals and had struggled so long. Then I had also the overwhelming feeling of relief that what I had was real and It wasn't all an imaginary illness.

Anyway sorry I'm rabbiting on a bit now. I have had pain in my jaw and this is a Fibro symptom and my daughter has very similar symptoms to me & we have said a few times that we think she also has Fibro & her jaw is nearly permanently locked on 1 side. She has some reprieve occasionally.

Hope all goes well for you Sue.

Luv Jan x


I have TMJ-temporomandibular joint disease/disorder along with fibromyalgia and many other diagnoses. I have occasionally had my TMJ joint lock up but only for a few seconds. It also clicks upon opening and closing and I require bite blocks for dental work. Bite blocks are merely innocuous pieces of material put between the upper and lower molars that help hold my mouth open so my teeth can be worked on. My jaws tend to clench tightly and can't hold themselves open long enough for a cleaning to occur.

I'm telling you this in case this happens to you and this sounds familiar. Because of the clenching and grinding of teeth that occurs quite a bit at night, dentists like to have you wear guards to protect your teeth. If any of this sounds familiar you may have TMJ. Having your jaws lock up is highly indicative of TMJ. Best wishes for you and your health.

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