I have laid on the bed all afternoon and i feel like i have been in the gym all afternnoon doing a workout, it doesnt matter what we do we end up in agony and paying for what ever e do

love to you all and hope that you have a ood nights sleep as i know i wont so goodnight all and will be back on her at some point tomorrow love diddle lx

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  • Hi,

    I think sometimes when I am resting, if I dont move about, even a little bit it can make me stiff and sore which hurts like hell and triggers the fibro when I go to move. Maybe try gently moving about slowly when you are resting so you are not seizing up and adding to your pain. Cos, lets face it, we are in enough of the bloomin stuff.

    Hope you feel better,

    Sarah x

  • hi that is so true i cannot sit/stand /lay or walk folong it is a nuisance isnt it never mind these are the cards we have been dealt x goodnight to you and love diddle xx

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