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running on empty :(

thats how i feel ,im running on empty ,but theres no fuel for me to fill up again

:( i feel soo fed up at the mo ,all i want to do is crawl into bed ,i wish ,

went to docs today couldnt get an appointment with doc so had practice nurse i went cause im having troubles in the downstairs area lol ,im so sore all the time

my womb (i think ) is really sore and my lower back ,dont know whats the matter ,just feels like somthing else is wrong with me another to add to the list really ,anyway all the nurse could do was take swabs and send them off ,and said make an appointment with doc next week for results ,i tried to encourage her to take my coil out while she was there as i think it is making my mood swings even worse than normal but she wasnt having any of it ,it was worth a try

so im left with the sorness untill next week then ,more crap to deal with ,im in lots of pain with the fibro too so could do with out extra thank you very much

hope everyone is ok lots of gentle hugs xxx

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Hi Lynz

Just wanted to say thoughts are with you.

I really need mine taken out, supposed to be 5 yrs max mine has been in 6 and a half bt i cant get anyone to take it out locally.

Try get some rest hun thats what im gonna try to do. :(

Take Care

kia xx


thank you kia you too hun ,i hope you get it sorted soon its rediculous that you cant get anyone to take it out

lots of hugs xxxx


Hi, I had one taken out a couple of years ago after only having it in for a few months it caused loads of problems. My gp took it out at a regular appointment.

Good luck and hope your results are clear from the swabs.

Take care xx


thanks finlay ,ive only had it in 6 and half months and ive had enough ,i cant wait to have it out now ,

you take care too xxx


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