Feeling really fed up about ability to work questions by manager !!!!!

Just had a conversation with my manager and seems likely that they will not be able to suooprt me in my current workplace much longer especially as I need a stick to get up the stairs from the cellar office. Most probably will have to move to another unit without stairs to negociate. Feeling a slow spiral coming towards being deemed incapable of performing my duties and dismissal. Arggggg..........

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  • I dont think they can do that, asthat would be discrimination, have you had a risk assessment

  • No risk assessment as yet. Manager says that the company have gone down the cabability route before and have dismissed people this way.

  • have you been in touch with acas

  • have you had any warning ie poor performance etc

  • Hiya,

    I am going through a similar situation and I think my employers are trying to get rid of me. I have been seeing occupational health who has recommended having a risk assessment done, this hasn't been carried out yet but my managers want a report from my GP. Please try and get your union involved as I have found that this helps and they will inform you of your rights and will see that your managers are following procedure correctly. Xx

  • Thanks guys. Still using a stick on the stairs today and feel like I cant win. If I go off sick that goes against me and if I turn up with a stick I look like I'm not able to manage in this environment physically.............No risk assessment yet. Manager doing one today after I asked about it yeaterday. Bad performance? On the contrary manager just told me that an audit of my work was 95% achievement but I told her that it does not seem to matter if I can't get up the stairs!!!! I'm becoming a little bitter at being wrote off purely because of my physical limitations. Will definately get my union involved. Who are ACAS?

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