fibro or just dumb

i bought a little bowl with a red lid that you turn by hand it has blades in side to chop vegies. so much easier than a knife which hurts my wrists and arms..... placed half an onion in it turned it arounf and around and not much happened . when my carer came around I told her to throw it away cos it didnt work and was cheap rubbish. she took a close look and said well now if we take the cardboard off the blades it may help........ duuuuuhhhhh

we had a good laugh lucky she understands my fibro days petal

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  • tht is so funny

  • That did make me giggle, bless ya. x

  • hmmmm my careris telling everyone who willlisten lol

  • Awww bless you xxxx hehehe :-) xxxx

  • That made me smile, thx xx

  • blossom lv thats so funny.i bought a hose pipe and took it bk cos it was full of holes.the young manager who dealt with me laughed his head of whilst trying to explain it was a sprinkler hose...hows that for been DUMB!!!,lv fm me xxx

  • wo funny its 3.40 am and i cant sleep but that made me laugh like hell. petal

  • haha ,thats so funny xxx :-D

  • you have cheered me up no end this morning...I do daft things like that, nice to know I am not on my own xxxxxx

  • souns like something Id do

  • LOL. Always very happy to know I'm not the only one who does daft things like that!

  • done that with a potatoe peeler- forgot to take the plastic bit off the blade!

    at least we can all laugh xxx soft hugs dottiedog

  • love it.....andit getsbadwhen yougive you catrhefreshly sliced chicken and are left witha dish od catfood... petal

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