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Hi all, has anyway had problems with their appetite? For the last 4 weeks or so I have felt really sick for most of the day. I pick eat, a slice of bread, pack of crisps, yoghurt etc, but I can no longer eat a full meal. My hubbie cooks nice meals but I can only manage about a quarter, and that is forcing myself. I've done the obvious (I'm not pregnant) so am wondering if this is the norm for others, or whether I need to see my doc to see if maybe my tablet has started to annoy my tummy. Any advice would be gratefully received.

Gentle hugs to all JT

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  • Hi i have lost over a stone since i was diagnosed with fibro ans i have got an awful appetite (except for cakes lol) but seriously i jus pick i never eat meals the last meal i had was the day after i came back from london bout 4/5 weeks ago at a carvery , but i never cook for myself there is only myself and daughter at home she woks and 8 out of 10 times she sauys dont do tea i will have it out with mates or jus want a pizza so i dont bother but i am like you anyway when faced with a meal i just eat a bit of it i so dont worry you are not alone on that love to you Diddle xx

  • Hi I am the same I can't eat a cooked meal anymore. The only things I eat are bread, cereals, yogurt & pasta so my diet is preaty boring. It's like I don't fancy any thing. Becauce of this I have put on a stone in weight wich doesn't help with the Fibro and makes me depressed x

  • Hi JT, I live on yogurt & choc buttons, I used to love my meals especially roast dinners but not any more! I just don't fancy anything & sometimes I only eat because I have too, that's when yogurt comes in handy. It is the fibro but I don't know why! I can be in the supermarket & fancy all sorts but once I get home I don't want it....strange this illness hey. xxx

  • I know what you mean,nothing tastes nice and I never"fancy" anything,am eating loads more sweet foods and since I have thyroid disease as well its no surprise I have put on three stone in three years been ill,I also have a lot of nausea that can go on for a few days then stop again.

    The latest info ive read points to this illness being due to a new found protazoa but unfortunately no sign of a cure yet.x

  • I am fed up with constantly feeling sick and bloated i eat because i have too otherwise i get such bad headaches they knock me out for days, I have put on so much weight its unreal and all because i can not exercise , I hate fm cfs an everything else thats going on at the moment . Just wish i could go back to my old life before the car accident .

  • Im the opposite recently I never ever feel full! Just sick thats how i know when i need to stop eating :/ xx

  • Hi there,

    I too pick a lot at food and nibble things here and there. But I havent really lost any weight. I did when I was first diagnosed but I really love food so at times I fight the sicky feeling. But there is sometimes when I cant and hardly eat anything at all. It just depends. Hope your alright and you are feeling better though :-)

  • Hi, I have days where I just don't want anything but eat because I have to.... never fancy anything and often feel bloated. Other days I cant fill myself up but still never know what I want.

    Have recently been reading about juicing fresh fruit and veg and have been trying that. Seems to really help with the chronic fatigue. At least now I know I am getting all the vits/minerals etc that I need to keep myself going. I actually dont like vegetables but they are fine when juiced with apples and pineapples etc. Hope this helps...x

  • Hi,

    I had this when I was on gabapentin. I felt sick, hungry and had wind all at the same time. Whe I stopped the gabapentin it all went away. It could be a reaction to some medication.

    Take Care

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