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no appetite ... help

i have no appetite at all.... i surivive on the odd packet of crisps or if its proper food maybe a boiled egg.... i have had no food for 4 days now..... i am a big girl, i am not loosing weight or am i trying ( suppose i should) but i feel very tired.... sometimes i just forget to eat.... if i had said this to myself 10 years ago i would say.. no way... i always ate.... husband is not happy with me... i know its because he is worried..... does anyone else feel like this..

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Losing your appetite for four days is not a big problem.

If you have no other symptoms, it's probably because you are tired and feeling low, and it will improve before too long. Try to take some milk and fruit juice, and you will be fine. Don't eat too many crisps, tho' - the salt won't do you any favours!

If your loss of appetite lasts for more than a couple of weeks, if you have a dramatic weight loss, or any pain, vomiting or blood loss then you should see your GP.

Otherwise, rest, drink plenty and try doing something to lift your mood.

Your appetite will soon return!

Hope this helps

Love Moffy x


I find when I have pain and feel low my appetite goes ... As long as you don't get any of the symptoms Ladymoth mentioned and keep plenty of fluids going in after a few days you should hopefully feel like eating again . If you feel down you can always come on here and chat with people who understand

VG x


I recently asked a similar question.

just keep your fluids up and try maybe a biscuit now and then,

it will improve.

I just don't like eating and have a distorted sense of taste and no real sense of smell - that's also often distorted too..

if you are taking any med's please don't take them on an empty stomach.



I have little appetite and can only eat breakfast /I have a small meal at lunchtime but normally cannot eat it all and the rest goes to my dogs-depending what it is of course. i found out I had gallstones by going to a private clinic as I was getting no answers fro my symptoms from my DR .i don't think that is causing the lumps in my abdomen which I have had fro a lot longer/drink plenty of water/juice and I always have a packet of glucose fro when I cant eat.


I would say losing your appetie is all part and parcel of FMS. I would also suggest eating little amounts but often, although this is often easier said than done. Even if you just have a biscuit with a coffee, it is something. But over four days, that is not to be worried about. Your appetite will suddenly pick up again and then you will feel as though you are eating too much, a viscious circle. Been there and it does seem to pass by eventually. If it goes on for too long see your GP. Try to keep things in the cupboard that you normally would not be able to resist too xxxxx


I can't add much here, but I would certainly consider forcing yourself to take a comprehensive multivitamin or something daily to try to avoid any deficiencies arising. The multivitamin tablets can sometimes also have a vigorating effect on the body which may help regain appetite.

Likewise, I often find moderate to moderately intensive exercising (such as powerwalking until a good sweat is worked up) also increases my appetite. Might be worth trying if this is bothering you.




I haven't eaten properly for more than 4 weeks.I have no appetite and my tongue and throat are sore.The Dr thought it was oral thrush and treated me for it twice.This time she's referred me to have a tube down my throat to see what's wrong as I keep choking and can feel my throat closing up.Personally I think it is fibro and the muscles in my throat are sluggish.


Amanda I had the same feeling and my GP prescibed me Clonasepam and it really does help, at a later date I had physio as I had a trapped nerve in my neck and he explained the muscles in my throat had tightened up and thats why I felt I was choking the Clonazepam helps relax the muscles I took 2mg intially but over time I am now on 1mg at night unless I am stressed or extra low then I get the feeling more so take 2mg, hope they can help sort it for you take care LK x


thanks all for answering... i still have no appetite cant seem to want to eat.. its like my body has just forgot to think about food.. so strange eh xx


Hi Diane ,have you bean to you GP ? Can i ask are you on antey dipresents ? U dint have to say its just that when your on anty dipresents serton makes can make your apitite go sn affect your tast buds . But the same symptoms are linked to depression .

You could do with having your meds checked for side affects like yours . It can become a visas circle not eating no mater what starts it of .

A good tip is to right down as a list all the things you enjoy eating that r small an easy to prepare soup , chees sandwich so on .

Then put it on the wall hasent got to b fancy , I ate crisp sandwiches an chicken soup for a month with the od yogurt an peace of fruit thrown it . ( i was the same as you r know before this ) then set to start of with 3 times of day alarms to go of you pick its your routine , an at those times when the alarm goes of wether your hungery or not go to the list pick somthing evan if its just the next thing on the list or the same thing you have already had that day it doesent mater . Make it eat it an go on with what you were doing till the next alarm an repeat .

You have to eat it all no mater how long it takes thats y i say small easy things . Then once have got used to that ad 2-3 other times in-between for snacks or just to remind you to have a hot drink an biscuits .

I hope this helps its a small thing but it helped me .

Feel hungery soon ;)

Kugagirl xxx


I've been diagnosed with Fibro and today have no appetite. Which is a good thing, I think, as some weight will come off for sure and that's good for us with Fibro. I figure that yesterday I ate quite well and lots of good carbs, which has an effect on Leptin, which is what makes people feel full or it makes people hungry, depending on whether it's getting full or empty signals from the stomach. I did read that it's carbs that trigger this full signal effect. Not protein or fat. I think you'll be right. Try light and healthy things for today or a healthy shake.


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