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I saw my sister this morning and she has got a new type of gel nail polish and she wants me to be the guinea pig for her so going off to have my nails done at her beauty room at 3.30 so turning out tobe a real pamper day lol and it not cost me anything as my parents gave me the money for my hair and my sister never charges me anything anyway so even better , i just need to win the lottery now or jus sell all my things on e bay got no bids lol

i have put a mahogany oval table with 6 chairs 2 of the are calvers and it extends out to 6ft from 5ft and 3ft wide for £30 and no onwe bidding lol oh well few more days hopefully it will sell .

i may be back later but i doubt it as i am worn out so will pop on sat at some point love to you all diddle x

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