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Has anyone been on duloxetine?

I have had the worst flare up for five years. I am taking pregabalin 75 x 3 morning and night and they have stopped working, I've got such a rotund stomach that when I get into bed I am finding it hard to breathe the weight gain has been unbelievable since starting pregabalin. I read somwhere about duloxetine and I want to talk to my doc about them. Where can I find information that had been varified? All help taken on board.

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If you look on NHS direct you will find the tablet information leaflwt. I was on them for about 6 months. I had to come off them to start on pregablin. I hope you find the info helpful on the website and if you do decide you want your prescription changed for duloxetine I hope they work for you.

Becky :) x


Hi. I did and I printed it out, went to the doc and was shot down. She said it is only prescribed by a psychiatrist. So still on a med now that's not doing anything for me.


Hi I am on duloxetine and so is my daughter we are botth having success with it . I take mine in the morning as they kept me awake all .night. I also take Tegretol three times a day I find it is a helpful combination. I wish you luck hope you find a good combo. xgins


I was previously on Pregabalin. Not only did I gain a lot of weight, which I was unable to lose despite joining SW. I also found the tablets didn't give me sufficient pain relief.

Kept trying to tell doctor, but his answer was to stop taking them - offering no alternative. I stopped taking them and went through a week of hell with pain in places I'd never had it before, as my fool of a doctor simply told me to stop taking them, instead of coming off them slowly by cutting down.

After losing my mother a few months ago I went into a really bad flare and went to a different doctor and asked for a cyanide pill - I had really had enough.

Fortunately he listened and prescribed Duloxetine. I had side effects at first but it settled down in a week or two and I've never looked back, pain is much better managed with this medication.

Like Gins I need to take it in a morning, because if I take it later I don't sleep.

There is a lot of information on, and Duloxetine is also mentioned on Wikipedia. However if you read the patient leaflet it is quite scary - like so many of the emdications we take.

The best person to advise if this drug would be suitable for you is your doctor, as he knows your medical history.

Good luck

Em x


My GP's are useless. In 2010 I slipped in the snow and destroyed my knee, my knee cap was over to the side. My GP said it was only sciatica, I am now waiting for a new knee when I am 60 (back then it was 15yrs, now it is 12yrs waiting) I have to walk with two crutches, another GP at the polyclinic wrote on my notes that I was a malingerer...

Hi. I went to the doc for the Duloxetine and was shot down. She said it is only prescribed by a psychiatrist. So still on a med now that's not doing anything for me Pregabalin. I am on 3 x 75 mgs in a morning and 3 x 75mgs at night, plus amitriptyline 100mgs at night, 3 x 50mgs tramadol in the morning and 3x 50mgs tramadol at night. Through the day at work I feel my medication wear off about 1.30 - 2.30 but can't take anything in case I feel drowsy, through the night I need to take paracetamol or co-codamol to bring my temperature down and take away the body burning.

Over the last three years I have put on about three stone and all the GP says is that I need to cut down on the calories I eat to 2000, I have less than this some days. My GP yesterday said she doubted that and if she followed me everyday I was eating more - I very rarely have an appetite I have to eat for the meds.

I was turned down for DLA two weeks ago and I am having one of the worst flare-ups I've had it doesn't seem to be ending. I 2007 I attempted suicide so I don't think even threatening that would help. Anyway Thanks for your words. x Sue


Hi, I have been on 60mg of Duloxetine now for about 18 months, and have never looked back, I feel so much better, I also take 10mg Amitriptyline which I take at night, I was given my Medication, when I attended an 8 week course at my local hospital, for living with fibro, there was 2 consultants there on separate occasions and they both recommended this combination of treatment. But you will have to see your doctor first, who should know about it.Good luck

Joyce x


Hi. I went to the doc yesterday and was shot down. She said it is only prescribed by a psychiatrist. So still on a med now that's not doing anything for me, Pregabalin. I am at my wits end but have to carry on. Thanks for your words. x Sue



That is rubbish I known a lot of people who take the same medication, and it was prescribed by their GP, My GP had to write the prescription for me. I think it is a bit more expensive than some of the other drugs,about £35 a month.Is there not another doctor that you could see in your practice. It is just a waste of money taking something that does not work. Good luck to you

Joyce xx


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