Could someone remove Thursday from the week???

I don`t blog often,but I need moral support please.

Thursday at 5.30pm I`m at the hospital having 5 teeth out.Thanks to Sjogrens syndrome.

Part of me wishes I hadn`t turned down an anasthetic,but it meant I would get it done quicker.And a month later I can have a new plate.

Then in September my first holiday since 1987.At least I will be able to smile for the camera!!!!!!.

My whole body feels like it`s shaking,and it`s only Monday,and what little sleep I get is going out the window.

How have others managed when having an exstraction,I`m really worried about my neck.

One good thing,they are all in the front so may help diet if I can`t eat much for a while.

They say every cloud has a silver lining don`t they.

Hope your all as well as can be.

Love and hugs a very quivery Butterfly54 xxxxx;-(

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  • Hugs Butterfly . It probably won't be as bad as you think, at least I'm hoping it won't be for you .

    I had to have a wisdom tooth extraction last year , and before I went I was terrified . It was much easier than I thought it would be , a bit sore afterwards but didn't hurt at all having the tooth out .

    If you have neck problems , tell your dentist and ask if you can take ( or they can provide ) some kind of support .

    Good luck and gentle hugs


  • Thanks Helen,I know you are a fellow sufferer,I`m so glad it`s only been a wisdom tooth for you.

    What makes me sad is I had such nice teeth,these are where I had caps and crowns,and apparently they don`t do so well with Sjogrens.

    Luckily the rest are o.k.Yes I am going to have to make sure they get me comfy,I can`t put my head back over the hairdressers sink without I don`t black out.So that is a no no now.

    Hope you are doing o.k hun or as well as can be.

    Love and hugs Butterfly54 xxxxx

  • Hi Butterfly,

    I know, it's a bit disheartening isn't it ? I always looked after my teeth too, but I've now had 2 wisdom teeth out and a crown on one molar plus quite a few fillings :(

    I now see the hygienist every 3 months, which is private as not offered on the NHS at my dentist's and costs £40 a time, but hopefully it's worth it to avoid having more teeth out as she can catch any problems early .

    Do you use a mouth spray or pastilles to try and keep your saliva flowing ?

    I must admit, I find the dentist chair uncomfortable but always take a cushion as I have problems with my neck too . The hygienist has one of these all singing all dancing chairs that's really comfy though !

    As Penny says, just keep reminding yourself that this time next week it will all be over and you'll be well on the way to recovery.

    Hugs xx

  • Well how about just thinking this time next week it will over :-)

    And book yourself a treat for Thu to.

    Soft hugs


  • Hi penny,your right I will have to think of something nice,maybe a walk in the park with my friend and little yorkie.

    Thats always a treat for botth of us now days.

    Love and hugs Butterfly54 xxxx

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