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Work based interview

I'm due to have a work based interview on 31st of this month. I'm stressing out BIG time!! I'm on ESA but I've also been told if I don't have a really good valid reason for not attending my ESA could be stopped. The stress is making my fibro much, much worse. Will they force me into looking for a job? I was a nurse then a carer and know nothing else...that's the reason I'm in the state of disability I currently have. I really respect you guys and I know you'll be able to put my mind at ease.....what should I do, and what mustn't I do????? XXX

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You should have appealed. Are still on time to?

I would do it before your fibro gets worse because they might cause you a lot of stress - and you might even risk to lose your ESA. I get the feeling they haven't got very clear your situation. Speak to a solicitor specialised in this type of benefits at the nearest CAB or Fibro organisation.

I heard a lady here before who said the interview was fine and that the adviser was quite understanding - but you are the only one who knows how the whole thing is affecting you. I personally get stressed for almost no reason very easily and stress's got a really detrimental effect on my fibro. I have read a lot to learn to control it and had councelling but honestly I don't think it's a natural type of stress i think it's somehow linked to my fibro symptoms. I used to get panic attacks before I regulated my hypothyroidism and I remember I almost go mad with the amounts of cortisol my body was producing but the cause was in my body not in my mind. It was simply impossible to control the psychological effects without putting order in my thyroid first.


hi im waiting for mine and you know what ive been hell and back these past few years and recently.and i cant do no more or take much more.

its obvious we cant do certain honest and explain this to them.but stressing out ive learnt doesnt help it long term it just makes you worse.

seek legal help and take someone with you.

good luck x


I am appealing because I have been put into the WRAG instead of the support group, I've been waiting over 6 months for a review and I'm still waiting!!!!


I was only recently put into the WRAG group. The man who phoned me with the decision said that not attending interviews would affect my benefit, but that they accepted I could not work at the moment and it was to prepare me for some time in the future when I am well enough (if only!)

He did tell me that I coud not be forced to even apply for a job, let alone take a job.

I phoned the benefits advice line and was put through to a female at the local job centre who more or less confirmed this. She also said I would be assesed at the first interview and if it was decided that it was detrimental to my health to attend further interviews they would possibly arrange telephone interviews instead. Of course I have not had an interview yet, and am planning to appeal the decision that put me in the WRAG group, so obviously have no first hand experience of how the interview goes, but hopefully the information I was given is accurate

Good luck

Em xx


I went to one a month ago. It was okay, I just explained my illnesses, what drugs I was on, how my illness affects me. She was very nice and said that it wasn't so much about how likely anyone was to employ me, then she got a bit wooly and was obviously embarrassed as she knew the process was a big waste of time. She confirmed that my last medical for IB confirmed I wouldn't be ready for work for at least 18 months and said I'd be called back in about 6 months for another chat.

It really wasn't worth stressing about - take your repeat prescription list though!

Julie xx


My neighbour has just been for her interview,it is at DWP so if you have previously been on incapacity or such benefits, they will have your medical records and previous applications. My neighbour was told that it was obvious that she was not fit got work, but they had to be seen to be following the rules etc. he said he would call her in the future as it was obvious calling her into office just caused pain and discomfort.

I have been put in Wrags group also I asked for a copy of my award descision, and now I am compiling a letter to ask them to review their decision with as much information as I can find. I am really hoping this will do the trick as I really don't want to go down the full appeal route if not totally necessary.

As other people have said try not to stress out, easier said than done i know, this interview from people I know who have been seems to be the easier of meetings etc, good luck



Aww thanks so much guys. You've all really put my mind at rest now. I shall just be my painful self and get through it. Not so worried and stressed now. I knoew you guys would help! Once again, thank you all so much. Hugs (!) and XXXX


I hadn't realised you could appeal about being put into the WRAG group, I was given 35 points at my appeal tribunal but put into the WRAG group, that was in April am I to late? ?(




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