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I received a letter from them yesterday saying that I have a phone interview I have never heard of this before... I am just wondering if any of you guys have... I know they are going to ask a lot of questions...I have retired due to ill health so why can't they accept this I have to send in my pension advice slip now and again so they make sure I get the right amount of benefits... With all the pain I am in fibro epilepsy and a new condition kidney problems went for a scan I got the results.... My gp told me that you have to have another scan in two months... They found something on the right kidney but they are not sure what it is I really need this information tell me for God's sake I am worried out of my mind sorry for the moan.... Thanks for being here for me


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Bob stay strong I know the waiting is awful. Been there done that scarey but had to happen. Be strong as they say time will tell - we are all routing for you.

If it helps come on line and rant let okf the steam .

With all good wishes

Ginsing x


It's a nightmare. And all when you least need it. You're so I'll your employer has pensioned you off. That brings its own problems. Adjusting to such an extreme change in circumstances and the stigma attached isn't easy. You feel surplus to requirements. Then the DWP expect you to jump through hoops to help you financially. It's not as if you chose to give up a decent salary. Then they call you a liar, tell you that you are fit to work, etc etc etc.

You are far from alone. You didn't ask for all of this. We know. So many of us have all been there, done it and bought the teeshirt. We all need to vent. Unbelievable as it seems at the moment, you will come through the other side of this, honestly!

Hope your phone interview goes as well as these things can. Just remember to be honest, and use your worst day as your guideline x 🐸


Hi, I feel your stress, its a disgrace what we have to go through to satisfy the DWP. Take a deep breath, write down in bullet points what you think is the most important points to get across to them and keep it beside the phone. Good luck and take good care of yourself, Mags x


they phoned me to see if thing where the same or if I was disabled (joKe) it was through sending medical everdense that I have 3rd stage kidney disease and the man on the end of the phone sounded like he had been saying the same question all day

eg do you still need help going the toilet

do you still need help getting washed

do you still need help walking

do you still need help going the wash room and so on . but every ones will be different

you will be fine hay you live with this sh*&y thing you can deal with a simple phone call and we will all be in your living room with you holding your hand helping you to be strong It is the same as the forms same question different way of saying it so keep the kettle on so we all have a big cup of tea and don't forget the bickies as , as you know we all like bickies and we will all be there just tell the time and date and we will be there


Yes I have heard they do this sometimes just to make sure that nothing has changed since you applied for benefits. As others have said make a few notes of the common problems and if anything has changed healthwise, mention the scans if possible and keep it by the phone so you don't go into panic mode when they ring. Make sure you write down the name of teh person, date and time of call just in case they try to twist anything you say.

We are all on your side and pray that things go well for you. Never apologise for having a rant as we all get to that stage sometimes as things can just overwhelm us.x


It would appear from the respondents that this does take place, so I genuinely and sincerely want to wish you all the best of luck with this, and I sincerely hope that there are no issue arising from this.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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