My daughters 30!!!!

My daughters 30!!!!

I can't believe my baby girl had her 30th birthday yesterday, how time flies.

We gave her a small family and friends party and although I was tired managed to get through the day and enjoy it.

Woke up this morning and didn't feel bad at all but come lunch time I felt done in. Tried to go to bed at 9pm as so tired but my shoulders and arms hurt so much I'm up again now with a Horlick's and a hot water bottle behind me. I've taken some pain tabs and Ibuprofen but they don't seem to be working :(

My best friend made the cupcakes for her birthday, they were scrummy and looked beautiful.

I hope you all get a good nights sleep and me too.

Gloria xx

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  • My son was 30 this year how time flys gloria x

  • Cakes look fab glad you enjoyed and then mr fibro hits :-(

    Chill today soft hugs


  • Went to bed at 2.30am and then my arms and legs decided to do a tango all on their own, this was quite a new experience for me. All in all I think I got about four hours sleep so might have to visit Mr Bed again later. x

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