Anyone bruise easily?

Hi, thought I would ask you all if you tend to bruise easily? I have only noticed recently, but if I knock myself (not necessarily very hard) I seem to get an awful purple bruise that doesn't seem to warrant what I did in the first instance. I don't take anything to thin the blood and only take co-proxamol for the pain (nothing else seems to agree with me) and have been taking these for over 10 years now. Any comments really appreciated as I don't want to go to the Dr with a bruise! Thanks x

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  • Hi Catsrule, yes i bruise easy. Even when i haven't knocked my self. xx

  • Hi yes i have noticed i bruise easier than i used to and dont have to knock myself very hard. As roxyroo says sometimes they just appear. maybe if we derssed in bubble wrap would help lol. xx

  • Hi, yes, I quite often wake up with massive bruises with no idea how they got there?? Can be quite worrying especially when you first notice them, but they are usually accounted for when I check them and find they are the same height and shape of something, usually the end of the bed or door handles for example!!

  • yes i bruse too i blaim the fact ia bump myself and can be clumsy with FMS and i really look battered sometimes .. mind you dont for get Gp and a blood test if its new thing xx

    gentle dyslexic hugs

  • I bruise easily but I put in down as aside effect of Venlafaxine.

  • yes I bruise easily but I have for years, I always look as if Ive been in a crash

  • I do too and sometimes with no explanation. Mostly legs and feet but can be arms. I often say I look like a victim of domestic abuse. Doctor wasn't really that interested. It's good to know I'm not alone :)

  • Hi, the same happens to me - my family say i've always bruised like a peach. Generally it's on my arms and feet (for some strange reason) from strain, bumps and a few times when people have given me a hug or squeezed my arm. I've always put it down as a side effect of the pain killers but it looks like its another fibro thing. If its never happened before then get to your docs just in case :o)

  • I bruise easily too. I sleep on my side with my arms crossed, over my chest.Very often, I wake up to find small finger tip size purple bruises on both arms. If I knock into anything, it looks like Ive been beaten. Having a blood test always results in a HUGE multi coloured bruise.

  • Thanks for all your comments, sounds like another Fibro thing doesn't it? Glad I am not alone, but sorry to hear you are all covered in bruises too!

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