Slow Healing,,anyone ???

I have noticed for as long as I have had Fibro that little cuts and grazes seem to take the longest time to heal. Just as am example,,I have a little scab on my thumb where I was bitten by a horse fly about June.

I just seems to refuse to get better,,, I have asked two different Dr's if their was anything about Fibro and slow healing and they dismissed the notion.

Can any of you relate to slow healing and think it may have a link to FM?


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  • I have diabetes and fibro. Before developing diabetes I healed rapidly. I dont think fibro causes slow healing

  • More common in diabetes, have you been tested for this. x

  • Yes,, tested negative for diabetes….

  • Hi Rayb, i have found this is the case. Earlier this year i scratched my lower leg, it was quite itchy. The scratch bled, then took over 3 months to heal. Hateto think how long it would take if it was a serious injury.

  • Shazzzy, how long have you noticed the slow healing and is there any corelation time wise with your other FM symptoms?


  • Hi rayb, it seems to me to be much more noticeable in the last few years. I have been diagnosed about 6 years, probably started 15 years ago, so i would say it has progressed with time. It took about a year for me to recovrr fully from a bout of norovirus. Hope this helps,

  • I have also found that scratches, stings, bruises etc take longer to heal, and a cold can last over a month. I asked my doctor about this and he said other patients have reported that they catch everything that's going, and take much longer to recover. I personally picked up an infection mid August, which I am still being treated for.

  • Maladjusted, how long have you noticed the slow healing and is there any corelation time wise with your other FM symptoms?

  • I first noticed about 5 years ago that bruises were not only slow to heal, but always left a 'dark' patch behind where they had been. As you are probably aware many Fibro symptoms are around for a long time before someone finally 'joins the dots' and makes a diagnosis. The catalyst for me was surgery late in 2011. Following that, the other symptoms came thick & fast. Around the same time as I was diagnosed in spring 2012, I had a cough & cold that had already lasted 6 weeks. I had a chest X-ray and lung function test and all was well. The cold finally cleared up after 9 weeks, but the cough remains. Since then I have noticed that all colds & infections take an age to clear up, and even something minor like a paper cut can take 2 weeks to heal. So I would most definitely say that the slow healing came along with many of the other symptoms of Fibro.

    Em x

  • Shazzy and Maladjusted,

    I think your descriptors seem to fit perfectly what I am experiencing,,,,, it shows the interest the Dr's have in this condition.

    I wonder if CBT might make me heal quicker???,,,, please don't answer that!

  • Hi RayB

    I am fortunate to live in an area where Fibro is accepted by most doctors, though one at my group practice still thinks it is all in my head. There is a lot of support available here for the first year after diagnosis, which has helped enormously.

    I can't see that CBT would have any effect on your healing times, but hey, anything is worth a try.

    Good luck

    Em x

  • Hi RayB

    I have noticed this on myself and often wondered if it was caused by my medications?

    Take care


  • Hi Rayb as far as I know I do not have diabetes and I am not able to take any meds but I take forever to heal. In fact most of the time any scratch/cut/bite eventually seems to turn into eczema for me. I have recently been told i have suspected coeliacs and I think that might be a big part of it. Good luck :o)

  • Gracesgrandma, how long have you noticed the slow healing and is there any corelation time wise with your other FM symptoms?

  • This is a bit of the chicken and the egg really. From a very young age I had pain and was told it was growing pains. I also had 3 brothers and basically grew up covered in cuts and bruises so I suppose it wasn't really until I was in my late teens that I really started to notice properly what was happening. I believe I have had fibro from about between 11/13. I stopped drinking 11 years ago because the recovery time of the hangover no matter how much I drank, even if it was just 1 glass, it made me very I'll :o( I am 48 now and like most really a bit sick and tired (no pun intended) at remarks that this disease isn't real. I call it a disease because slowly it has eaten away at my life. Good luck with your quest :o) x

  • Hi! Good question... :-D I was just talking about this with a friend the other day! I had worn a pair of sandals that cut my heels and blistered my toes! Normally a week or two and they would have healed. Not this time.... They were still pretty bad 2 months down the line!( I don't have diabetes)...much love to you all!

  • Ninjananna, how long have you noticed the slow healing and is there any corelation time wise with your other FM symptoms?

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