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Apart from the pain and not sleeping does anyone have problems with overheating. I just don't seem to be able to control my body heat I'm either overheating or I am freezing. I am trying to remain in work but between I'm awake all hours because I'm so hot or so cold, then I'm awake for hours because I simply can't sleep. I take so many tablets that I am now addicted to I should sleep all night. But I'm awake for hours and hours I am totally exhausted. Is anyone having these issues


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Yes I overheat all of the time, sometimes with anxiety and other times for no reason at all. Fibromyalgia just kicks in with a vengeance and wears you out :( x

Hi, I can sympathise with you on this one. I too have big problems with this and also find it very difficult to sleep. I am exhausted all the time. I have tried many things to help, but nothing has. I am sorry I don’t know the answer, just know you’re not alone. I hope you find something that works for you. Take care


Sorry to hear about your sleeping problems I take lorazepam 4x 1 mg that’s gives me 5 hours through the pain and tinutus If you got fibromyalgia you must get sleep so if you need drugs to get sleep go to doctors and ask for them Fibromyalgia don’t go away it gets worse and there’s no cure Hope this a help to you

Hi, yes I have this problem too. I'm either too hot and sweating badly, or too cold and shivering. This fibro is horrible.

Take care of yourself


I also have the hot flushes, but also get a patch done my sine that's extremely cold, so much co it hurts, like having frostbite.

Doctor hadn't got a clue what I was talking about

Oh yes! I’m roasting most of the time...hate it

Yes, I too have trouble with temperature changes; I'm only comfortable in a quite narrow temperature band, and the speed with which British weather changes is unbelievable!

Hi yes "Thermostat" don't work is the term! with Fibro

I'm hot for nothing can wake up in night or go somewhere like a shop that wonky heating and sizzle so much that it becomes very uncomfortable as skin gets very itchy and sore.

Add Asperger's to the equasion which is a processing thing and don't feel the cold i can be stone cold to the touch yet not feeling too cold as often turned odd colours i get that cold.

Then add Raynauds slight draft from somewhere no matter what wearing or sitting on top of the fire/heater and frozen stiff and start feeling ill get shivers even do got ill if not sorted

Life becomes some where interesting to say the least!!!

It's odd though as could be Cccccold everyones freezing yet i'm there feeling ok in little clothes or warm i'm freezing and everyones hot!

Agree, thermostat broke !!

Hiya. Yeah i also have a problem with body heat. I can feel myself getting hotter and i can feel the sweat building on my face and body. I'm trying to dab my face discreetly so nobody notices. Its really bad on bad days I'm sweating that much that my hair is soaking and looks like I've just washed my hair. I'm going to see my gp oon Tuesday to see if anything can be done. How have you managed it. Any suggestions would be helpful. Tia😃

scottclj in reply to Debbs73

Hi the answer is I am not managing it. I'm awake for hours during the night because I'm either to hot or I'm shivering. I know I'm in a flare up at present but I'm also so tired because I'm awake most of the night. I'm trying to keep working but it's a nightmare. My employer has no understanding of the illness and I have been asked if I think I'm too ill to work. I know my employer has a buissness to run but it would be nice if they showed some understanding of how difficult it is to continue working.

I'm going to my GO next week to see if they have any advice.

Thanks are all the support take care


Yeah, this happens to me day and night. During the day I have the excuse that I'm also in peri-menopause, so if I don't want to explain it to people I don't have to. I generally open a window and pull up my shirt (although how this is going to work when it gets warmer... I'll probably get a mini-fan).

At night I regularly sweat through my pj's and the sheets. It's gross. :/ If partner sleeps over, we're often suction-locked to each other in the AM. :P I

I wish I had something useful to say, but all I can do is say that you're not alone.

waylay in reply to waylay

I take meds to sleep at night: diazepam/clonazepam if I'm anxous/having a spasm, Zopiclone if not. When I wake up... Well. That's that. I can get about 5 hours of sleep that way, unless my anxiety is really bad.

scottclj in reply to waylay

It is so silly the sweat is dripping off me and my husband and grandson have their dressing gowns on over winter pajamers, my husband also ensures the wood burner is lit. At this point I am standing in the on the veranda outside our living room to cool off. Its nuts and when I try to explain to my family they don't understand. I get very little sleep at night as I am so warm I just can breath. Thank everyone for their replies this is a terrible syndrome as its hidden and others simply do not understand how debilitating it is.


Yes. I'm the same. I used to be able to sit in the garden reading. Now I find it to hot. At night I have the fan on while my husband is freezing

I am the same, I’m in sweat shorts and a tank top and my husband is sitting watching tv with a t-shirt, flannel shirt and sweatshirt on! What gets me is right after I take a shower and go to put on my make-up and my face is covered in sweat, I feel like screaming. I now also have screaming tinnitus to add to the mix. I saw ENT and it is from losing my hearing. It all just stinks! I feel for all of you.

Hi scottclj, I have the same problem, either freezing cold to my bones or so hot the sweat is pouring off me. As I had an operation years ago - a sympathectomy - which severed the nerves that cause sweating, blushing, goosebumps on my left I now only sweat on the right which makes it even worse. I end up with a line down the centre of my face, one side red hot the other normal. It’s not linked to the temperature just randomly happens and, like you end up awake most of the night. Struggling on a couple of hours a night is awful. Sorry I don’t have an answer but I sympathise so much with you x

hi make sure youve not got memory foam in your mattress as it absorbs heat from your body and radiates it back also mattress ticking can be synthetic that does not help. get a pure cotton matress topper if you can get a very light weight wool filled downie or a wool blanket they breathe better than anything . . ive found a wool blanket i got out of tk max sorted me out .make sire its pure wool no sythetic . dont weat poly cotton nightys and get pure cotton sheets ikea cheapest i think . so in summation get rid of the sythetic stuff .

it will all help . it will not stop your body overheating but it will help to keep you cooler .

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