up again:(

This is a week of hardly any sleep now really getting me down and the pain is too, ive been taking co-codamol and that usually wacks me out and the pain but its just not working ! So annoying aswell my skin is crawling ! ( p.s i have bathed!lol) i also today which was a really bad pain day thought il have another bath and actually painicked cause i was finding it really difficult to get out of:( i feel like a bloody wreck:((((( on the plus side i have my new puppy who sticks to me like glue :)

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  • Poor you, i know what you must be going through, sounds to me like you need to take care of you, maybe pace yourself, get a hug from someone close to you, (not too tightly incase it hurts you) chin up xxx

  • thankyou didnt mean to moan so much i know theres alot of people that are worse than myself just tierd xx hugs back alexandra xx

  • i know how you feel hun, i have same problem with the bath...i used to have co codamol but they didnt do anything for me im now on tramadol n im doing alot better on them, so ask your gp if you can go on them instead..xxx

  • ok thanks for that will do that i called today but couldnt get my doc .... on a day off the duty doc was a complete weirdo way passed his sell by date! so il call monday have a lovely weekend xxxx

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