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im lying here on the bed and it feels so good i am desperate to go to sleep, except my partner has gone to get grocerys and i feel bad for not going and he usually cooks our meal because i am always so exhausted by mid afternoon. I am so s

torn between getting the sleep i so desperately need and doing the right thing , going downstairs, that in itself hard, and starting our evening meal. I love this man with my whole heart and soul and am so scared he will get sick of me being so useless.

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I was always striving to be the perfect wife and mother, home cooked meals, house , like ideal home, my hubby still cant cook after 37 yrs together, I did everything for the kids, now Im sorry to say they have to do everything for me, It took me ages to be able to accept help, I felt lazy and vunerable, but I know its what I need, I always tell them now how greatful I am though even if its the little things, their made up, as now I need them as much as they needed me


I always had so much energy before this i just cant believe how my life has changed and i just cant adjust its so hard . my fiance is really great but whats the point of living like this either in agony or exhausted xxx


hello boosma

I know how you feel the same thing happen to me today after my husband had gone to work and my son to school I went to have shower only felt a little dizzy so laid on the bed next thing I heard the front door my husband was home and it was 1.30pm (he was half day ) I felt so lazy and then he cleaned the house I am so lucky take care love beth2


well beth2 i peeled myself off the bed and started cooking tea, i felt so confused i was that tired . by the time he came home tea was mostly cooked and i was stood at the cooker crying because i just felt so ill with exhaustion. its only 8.30 and i cant bear it any longer ive had to come to bed im desperate to shut my eyes but am too ashamed to go to sleep as its so early. my arms are aching so bad i have to stop typing every couple of seconds . im finding it so hard being so damn useless xxxxxxx


Hi Boosma, i inderstand completely, I am less exausted in the morning so I invested in a slow cooker, they're not so expensive and come in various sizes to suit all families. You can put any thing in them all you have to do is cut veg smaller ,you dont need as much fluid and i make chicken chasseur, curries, stews, chilli, casseroles. they are a time and ';life' saver for me and i feel as though i am contributing to the family. hubby only has to dish the food out and sometimes add some extra veg, i even make mashed pot early and put them in an oven proof dish and roughly 20mins in the oven they're reheated and have a lovely golden top to it.

Any time you want tips or recipies feel free to pm me after living with ill health and raising a family i learnt a lot of short cuts that doesnt create poor meals

hugs poppy xxx


Thank you poppy thats so kind of you. We have a slow cooker but all i have used it for is bolognese or Chilli and Im so sick of mince. Ive done well today ive managed to take my dogs out but so tired again now xxxxx


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