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where do you get these caring men?

i read the blogs and a lot of you have really good partners or you may have kicked them into shape

i struggle to keep myself and have almost given up on the male population lol

my last partner did understand but he himself was a one man mission to mess

i know a lot of us are single and some of us are actually men!

any advice taken lol

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I have the best boyfriend in the whole entire world he understands and even takes on my foster son who can be quite difficult as well. I found him on he only lives 40 miles away and is moving in with me soon. I use to think frig it I'll be alone forever can't be dealing with a man as well, but he was worth the risk hun. Try it and keep us updated x


i am so pleased for you will take a lookee


Hi penny, I met my hubby on the internet 6yrs ago. we used to talk over the internet using the web cam. He could see my home of the time my kids etc and i could see his. We were totally honest about our health, likes dislikes, our hopes.

Obviously ladies we do keep somethings 'secret' nothing bad just things that they dont need to know if you understand my meaning. we met up my friends alkways knew where i was , when i arrived at the station any trips we took etc for saftey.

But I am truely lucky because hubby is 10yrs younger -he's 37 i'm 47- brilliant with my sons of 27, 23 &11. he was happy to 'keep' me financially as i was already on disability but still able to do so much but knew i would end up with healthissues. we married 9mths later and have been happy for most of the time. almost 2yrs ago my spine callapsed onto my spinalcord gained FM, to add to 6 other health problems but despite all this he wouldnt be any where else and loves me truely. we row, but we never go tosleep on an argument. we may spend some minutes apart to clear heads, cool down then talk it out. we always say we love each other and mean it hugs and tenderness is often and the big things we allow each other time to adjust to each issue/situation that comes along and support each other. the bigest difference between hubby and the previous violent, selfish awful partner/husband - he is nothing like the usual men that i found i was attracted too and took a chance on that difference.

we have been married 5 1/2 yrs now and despite all the health issues are stronger than ever and he has developed amzing cooking/cleaning skills lol!!

Any way after my long! story -sorry- i hope you do meet your dream man its never too late to look and find someone.

Hugs poppy xxx



I got mine free buy one and get one free at a well known



A toy boy how fine :-) and buy one get one free sounds scary lol



Hi, i think it is very difficult to find a decent guy full stop lol. I had trouble before i got FM! I cant get out and about much and i have 3 young kids so i think i shall stay on the shelf now and have to make do with my 'friends' from ann summers hahahaha!

Wish you luck penny xx


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