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Got A Reprieve

After getting the answering machine several times on Monday I finally just left a message hoping that the relevant dept. got it alright.

I was due at another OT appointment this AM but didn't know till the end of last week that I wouldn't be able to attend due to having full time child minding for my youngest nephew a week earlier than normal at the school holidays run up.

Generally my brother's in laws head off the second last week of the school terms to their holiday home and we know that we will have sole child minding responsibilities for my nephew rather than just the 2 days a week we regularly look after him. But this time they are leaving a week in advance so I got my letter out on Monday and tried to get a response from the number printed on my appointment sheet. And tried .. and tried ... and tried again.

Eventually I left a recorded message saying that I couldn't make this appointment after all and wouldn't be able to until the schools came out at the end of June. So could I get a new appointment after that time?

So I expected a phone call from them to provide me with my new date and time as this is what our hospitals were now doing due to the massive hike in postal charges making sending out printed letters too expensive for them to do.

No word on Monday, zilch on Tuesday, and then this afternoon a new appointment dropped through my letterbox. So now my OT is in August, still a Wednesday and at 9.30am.

It's a relieve. I was hoping not to get an angry message because I hadn't turned up at all and caused a wasted appointment as I had no proof that the message I left had gotten to the right dept. in time to cancel.

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well that was handy ,and a hospital that actually listens to messges lol xxx


Yup, now they just have to start listening to their patients and then we'll actually be getting somewhere!!


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