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fibro ouchy day

Well today should have been a busy good day, but my fibro took control again. get up this morning to get the kids off to school, managed to get one off but the eldest was very ill with his crohn's so i sent him back to bed with pain killer....... so this is what i should have done..... laundry, vacuming, go to craft group for 10am, 12 noon pay council tax in town and do some shopping...... what i managed was........ ouch ouch sore swollen joins and exhusted, took codine paracetomol, venlafaxine and gabapentin at 8.15am sat on the sofa to pull myself together next thing i know its 12.45 and my phone is ringing.... where did the morning go

well its nearly 4pm and still can't move much feeling shocking, dam fibro

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Hi DanHan sorry to read that you are having a bad day & hope you feel better soon. Ithink you will have to listen to your fibro body & do what you can,

Take care gentle hugs Mary.


im having one of them aswell ,so much to do and all i did sit on ones .... bottom lol ,no energy, in pain ,just want to crawl to bed ,but i cant ,as much as my kids keep me going somtimes i want to stamp my feet like a 2yr old (not that i could lol ) and say im not playing anymore !!!!!!

hope you feel better soon danhan hugs xxxx


Hi there,

It is rotten when we have a day of things to do and fibro just has other plans for us. I have found that the best thing to do is rest when we feel exhausted and in pain and pace ourselves when we are feeling a bit more able. Hope you are feeling better and are able to have a better evening than you did day.


Sarah :-)


I have had a day similar to yours. I have a big flare comming and its started my tremors. I hate as its so embarrasing wobbling like jelly. So all i have manged is the 3 walks up to school and back that i needed to do. My sis in law made me a wrap for my dinner too bless her.

I hope tomorrows a better day for you.

hugs, kel xxxx


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