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registering as disablied


my social worker can around today and suggested she finds out how to register me disabled, what does that entail

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I am no expert. however Social Services have a duty of care towards you and if you are disabled then they can provide support within your home, whether it be facilities fitted to assist you, ie in and out of the bath. They can also decide whether you need a career and if so you can get careers allowance. You either opt for your own career ie family/friend and you get the money paid to you and then you pay them, or they provide a career. This may be to look after you full time and help with household chores ( they are not at your house 24 hours a day) and help with getting you dressed, or they may be able to just help with things you cannot do such as go shopping, do your hoovering.

Did she speak to you about you having support? Don't be afraid to ask questions Lally if you don't understand them as they sometimes don't explain things properly. They are so overworked, but that is no excuse. Hope that helps a little.

It's always a good idea to research on the internet. Good luck xx


they re going to supply direct payments, for personnel care, Ive got OT coming out in a few weeks,to do an assessment but social worker mentioned my being registered as disabled , hopefully that will get me a blue badge and dla

I dont know technically how you end up registered as disabled.. but i assume i am.. i have lots of OT equipment.. i have direct payments and hire a "Personal Assistant" and a agency myself, i also have a blue badge.. an OT, a Social Worker, Incapacity Benefit and High rate care and High rate Mobility..i have a disabled bus pass too. would i be okay to assume i am registered as disabled?

hi hun how do i go on aqbout getting a disabled bus pass , would like to know thanks

You need to contact your local council, they can send you an application form, if you are unable to go on buses alone or have a carer you can have a + carer bus pass which allows any carer to travel free too on your bus pass. if you google your local council you should find the phone number for your local council, if you are really lucky you may be able to download the application form for the bus pass too. Good luck :-)

thankyou really gratefull hun, i dont have a carer i travel with me daughter ..

they may still count that as your carer if its counted as not being travelled alone also if you get a DLA that may help or you could get your doctor to show that you cant.. anything can help.

hi there just rang council an they said i have to be getting d l a before giving me one but thanks for you support x

ah okay have u tried applying for dla?

Amazing I have not been on a bus for 20 + years now or travel anywhere outside of my little town [mobility scooter]

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Merseytravel decided i was not allowed a bus pass as they do not recognise fibro as a proper illness. Allthough i have a back problem as well as fibro. I asked them how come my doctor gives me morphine and i have a stairlift to get up stairs and our goverment doctors gave me DLA as i can not walk yet a bus company has decided i am now not disabled as they do recognise fibromyagia.

phone ya local council and ask for the occupation therapist hun she is the one who can register you disabled etc and from there you can apply for bus pass or if you get dla you can apply.... phone ya local council for the form hun thats where i got mine x


god knows, Ive looking on google and cant find much, as I cant get dla, even though my social worker is amazed I cant and is getting advocy to complain

There isn't a national register of disabled people, but some local authorities or social services do do this so they can help you more quickly in future.

From what I understand the only way you can be counted as disabled is to claim DLA and you have to do that yourself, as with the Blue Badge you have to apply for it although others can help you with the forms etc

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no hun this isnt true i was registered disabled by the ot thro my local council x i got my dla years later after a long battle x x you get registered under the chronically sick act x

You have to apply for a blue disabled badge through your local council. But if you receive high mobility and have a free bus pass you will automatically be entitled to one.

Hope this helps.

I have a yellow card issued by the local authority for myself and my son, who are both disabled.

Sorry lally, looks like I wrote a response that you already had info on. I guess I was trying to help re being registered disabled. As Lindsay says you don't get put on a national register. You are disabled as defined by the definition of the act. x


by all account there are certain council that have a register being i couldnt get dla, my social worker is going ahead with the help of new gp to get blue badge

hi... i get dla.. got blue badge..but would i be registered disabled somewhere xx

and yes i do think myself as lucky to have those.. but to be honest would rather work...

anyway u lovely people.... can anyone help with payment.. what is that... who can get it...

Hi Lally when I got my First Blue Badge the lady from our council (Wiltshire) asked if I wanted to be added to the disabled register I asked what that actually meant the purpose is for them to know what they need to be offering in specific areas and I was also sent a letter with a number to use when I purchase any mobility aids to have the VAT taken off. Hope this is of some help to you. Ruby xx

i live in wiltshire too and am registered disabled thro the ot. she was very helpful and also helped with gettin all my taps changed over to lever taps for me etc x she was the first person who actually helped me when i was first diagnosed with fibro... was a nightmare as my doctors said i had postnatal depression and viral infection for years lol!!! what a joke told em i wsnt right but they just wouldnt listen!!! but hey ho parently they know best lol x

I am registered disabled with my local county council. An occupational therapist came to my house to assess me and make sure I was eligible. I was able to use this to my advantage when applying for a higher rate of DLA.

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