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Well the lady at the pc repair shop is going to look into my laptop tody to see what the verdict is so waiting on a call from that lol will either be a £45 or £75 bill MMMM if it is the ;latter i will prob trade mine in for a more modern laptop which start at £85 but if it is the cheaper will prob have it dixed will see what the lady reccomends . I may come back later but normally come back on my laptop as it is more comfortable sitting with laptop if not will be on here in morning love to yo all and hope you all have a lovely day love diddle x

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hope its not too exspensive diddle ,have a good day :) xxxx


Hope latter for you! It is suprising how much we rely on them . I need for wrk payroll, and mine broke twice! But even the hard drive died so lost it all , so am using an old little netbook . Xx goodluck diddle


good luck its surprising how they affect you when they break xxx


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