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No strenght in thighs

Doe`s anyone else suffer this,i know with ostea arthritis as I have getting up and down is awkward to say the least.

But I have now reached the stage where even pulling myself up is getting bad.

I try as much as possible to make sure there is something I can pull myself up on.But was on the floor for almost 2 hrs today while I tried to get up.

Love and hugs Butterfly54xxxxx

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I am a lare person and have painful arms so i have trouble getting out of chairs etc.i found an electric raising chair at a site calledbetterlifelooks ugly but works well and cost 200 pounds it is a gos send but the deliveryman is not helpful and it comes in two pieces youwould need someone to help put it together. but i have never regrettted the expense i have even slept in it when to tired to move. butterfly hugz petal


Hi butterfly,

I use my arms more than my legs when going up the stairs as they are too weak and the muscles hurt so much. A neurologist has said that my left leg is weak and that is the one i have had problems with for years. I use my arms to pull myself up in bed and turning over as i just cant do it.

If i sit for more than 15 mins, my legs are so slow and weak to get going its embarrassing when i am out of the house.

hugs, kel xxxx


Thanks for that Kel,this has been going on for quite a few years but is just getting worse.

I have to look around for a nice young man to help me up now if I forget and crouch down.

A lady can try can`t she LOL

Love and hugs Jaynexxxxx


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