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Holiday joy

Have just returned from a week in Fuerteventura (Canary Islands). Have been to many of the other islands there but this one is the best - It is really dry and arid and for 5 of the 7 days there I was virtually pain free which is the longest pain free time since it started in November 2003! Obviously I was still on a ridiculous amount of tablets but at least I could not feel the pain. Would recommend the place to you all.

Was heavenly, could do more and wanted to do things like walking to the beach to watch the sun go down etc.

But since returning to our damp climate I have been in so much pain and have been so lathargic, more so than usual. Not sure if it is the last weeks exertions that have caused it or just the shock to my system of having that constant level of pain again. Feeling very very miserable and useless again as can't really do much and am back at work on Monday. Even wrapping myself up in a duvet does not help. Feel thoroughly fed up :-(

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well thats the answer then we must all go to the GP s and get a week in florida on prescription or anywhere it is hot and sunny do you think they would gotfor it love diddle x


youve just made me think about my upcoming holiday 2 eurodisney in may.... how the hell am i gonna cope going around the place? im taking my 6yr old daughter....i hope i dont spoil f

it for her by being in constant pain!!!!


maddonna, have you been before? I've been twice since getting fibro (though didn't know that's what was wrong the first time!) It's not too spread out and at least you get a seat on the rides! The queues are a problem, but we went in November when it was pretty quiet. One of those foldable stick seats would be a good idea and fast passes save you from long queues.


Cant fault that, maybe they should give out holiday prescriptions on the NHS xx


kizzie...yes ive been there 3 times 4b...this will be 1st time with fibro xxx

love Donna


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