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its not raining its pouring


have been to audio man and have neuro damage my left ear and my left eye is very bad. audio man will not geive me hearing aids until i see a nuero man. he says to check eyes first am having that done tomorrow. my left side is not responding well either when i told him the last neuro had made a mess of my lumber puncture and jabbed me five times causing me to walk out before he could do another one audio man was very perturbed. he would not say much but strongly urged me to to return for tests.... they werechecking for ms at the time and i done really want to go back my gut feeling feeling says there is enuff to deal with already so stay away... petal

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Aww huni,

My friend got told she had fibro four years ago and is at the point now of being dx with MS. She wont have it yet even though she has an appointment with a MS nurse. I am trying to get her to understand as i just know she will be so upset if that MS nurse tells her it is MS. I think she has and the neuro wouldnt of sent her to one for no reason. But the good thing is there are loads of drugs and physio that actually helps MS and i have another friend who has had MS for years and she still works.

I just think its better knowing than not knowing but i do know everyone is different.

Go back for tests and you could ask for a different neuro this time.

Good luck with it all and let us know how you get on.

hugs, kel xxx


dont worry sweetie my cousin who was a brilliant session guitarist with really huge bands got m.s years ago hes been in remission for more yrs than hes had it now! and has been touring with his own band ! so try not to think its all over for you seriously you have to just work with it like the fibro , yourl be ok keep smiling xxxx


thanks for the love and support but i also have degenerative chronic athritis andam in heart failure apart from fibro just dont feel i want to know more...... but hey there are folks worse off than m esmiles and flutters wings gently.


please go for the tests, if you dont know what your dealing with, you cant get the help you need


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