I am stil eaking up at 4 am and 2/3 times before that so i have nothing to do today so i think i am gonna keep my tracksuit on and just sit in the chair or on my brd all day nd just take my doggy out few times up the road

My hips and legs just dont want to move and my arms feel like ton weights so i think i need to just be still all day and more than likely drop off.

theweather is dry and very dull here at the min and meant to be wet later so i am not missing any weather.

love to you all Diddle xxxx

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  • hi diddle i to have only had an hours sleep been like that for a few nights now,i catnap when i can, i find i have a better sleep sitting up in the armchair with a hotwater bottle on my back to help the pain,im just going to rest today and let my girls do things for me xxx

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