hi everyone, i'm just gonna complain for abit. i'm sssoooo hot its unreal, i hate this bloody weather where its hot then cold then hot again I can't deal with it. I feel like I need the fan on constantly but my husband is freezing. At night all I want is the fan on all night but my hubby and cats can't deal with that so I end up sweating like a rabbit being chased by a grey hound all night. Does anyone else have this problem? To top it off i'm itchy all on my legs and feet and tend to scratch till they bleed which is a nightmare. So i'm sat in my house sweaty with the fan on scratching till i'm red raw in agony wishing I was normal.

If anyone has any advice, the slightest bit of advice I would really welcome it.

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  • Oh honey I'm sorry. I HAVE to have a fan at night or I would melt. My husband hates it but, he can go to the couch if he needs to. Not being mean but it's hard enough for me to sleep as it is. It's not like we cuddle much anyways. Can't handle the weight of his arm usually.

    I couldn't imagine going through what you are dealing with. When My legs get itchy I usually pat instead of scratch or just scratch over a thin material, jeans are too thick. Though recently I've just been tearing into my legs but they aren't as bad as yours sound. I'm sorry.

    Maybe put a slightly damp Towel in the refrigerator or freezer. That would probably feel good on your legs.

    Good luck.

  • thank you I just feel like I can't ask my hubby to put up with it because i'm being a pain.i know he would if I asked but I don't want to put anyone out just because of some stupid illness I have.i hate fibro!!!

    my hubby trys to look after me as much as possible and is so supportive that I feel like he got a crap deal with me .

  • I feel the same way. I hate asking him for help, because he does so much on top of his really hard job and all his side jobs. But I HATE being hot. Like I'll put up with a lot but NOT hot. Which is why I can't wait to move out of the southern states. He knows how easily I sweat and even if it's he's cold I can be sweating. :)

    And yes fibro is a lot of words I can't type or I'll be in trouble :), but it is still something we have to deal with and if our men, who love us, know we are suffering -you know they will gladly put on an extra layer of clothes if they need to. I know I would for him. But you can only take off so much then only a fan can help. :)

    And yes fibro is a burden but I promise he does not see you as a crap deal. He sees himself as lucky. And he is.

  • thank you nikki u bought a smile to my face,such nice things to say

  • Towels in fridge sounds a good idea..

  • I'm not normal either! I don't do well in this heat xxx

  • Perhaps you've got an allergy to something, are you on any medication?

  • You are very lucky (I think) havng so much sunshione and heat, in the N.W we have had 3 sunny days-well were you would go out in just at shirt (bottom half covered of course) Cool down with lots of cold drinks, frequent cool showers-hair as well (not cold for fibro sufferers) and drip dry don,t towel dry (I use my towelling dressing gown) .Yes I get Itchy when I,m hot I use doublebase cream all over to keep that down. When winter comes I won,t be able to keep warm-that's fibro for us!!

  • Hi - this sounds a bit like me!

    The itchy skin is unbearable at times.

    the heat was getting far too much for me last night after nearly a week of it. I decided that I wasn't going to get into bed but instead lay a big towel over the covers (just in case I got too sweaty, covered myself with a thin sheet, fan on for a while to cool the room down and it seemed to do the trick keeping me fairly cool.

    Of course it works for me as I don't have to share my bed with anyone other than the cats.

    Best of luck.

  • Hi I'm itching constantly πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜– same as you make myself bleed. I feel my all body is leaking 😜. It's got so ridiculous I'm scared I might smell. So always checking. When I went to the Drs the other day she said you are fidgety aren't you ! I then said no I'm itching and I can't stop. Her reply was no you are just fidgety 😀😀😀. I like the towel in fridge. I don't get on with the fan πŸ˜• It always makes me start coughing. Good luck with trying to get some sleep tonight. I'm keeping everything crossed as I haven't slept more than a couple of a night for the last 2 weeks. Sweet dreams x

  • Hi Tired_Bear

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this my friend and I have a fan on all night as it is unbearable. I like caz-54 idea of towels in the fridge. I have those squashy gel packs in the fridge for sprains and aches and they work a treat.

    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • thanks for all the suggestions everyone,the only thing that seems to work is a cold shower before bed and the fan,hope now its nearly September the weather may cool down.looking forward to freezing instead of roasting lol

  • Hi Tired_Bear,

    I av fibro + other probs, I sweat all day & night, so i use a fan all the time constantly, & because of this, my skin as become more dryer than what it was, so I use Aveeno cream with shera butter in it, & I keep it in the Fridge so it's very cold which helps greatly with the itching. My husband is stage 4 with Emphysema, & a very poorly man so we have separate bedrooms which is much better for us, ( Although I do miss a cuddle at night ). I dont go out much as my clothes are wet through with sweating all the time, I live in my pj's all day, this weather doesn't do me any good, I love autumn & winter time, although I still sweat, there are times I feel so cold that I av to wrap up, but only till i feel comfortable or I will start to over heat again. You can buy Gel pads that you can place under your bottom sheet, to help during the night, I place a bath towel over the top of my sheet after that to be more comfortable, I really feel for you as I no how frustrating this problem is. Hope I've been able to help in some way. ( Roll on winter) LOL!!!!!!

    Gentle Hugsx.

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