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So worried


I posted here about a week ago about jerking movements and thought mabe it was RLS but not so sure now . The jerking and shaking is more frequent and now my heads doing it . My balance is now really bad and this morning my eyesite was like flickering for aboit a min . Hardly slept and going to docs when it opens. My legs, arms,head , and even my breathing seemed clear but jerky too. I've been having lots of headaches lately too and my muscles ofen feel tight like theyre being clenched . Anyone make me feel less anxious please !!!

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I can send you armfuls of calming healing fluffies Larissa and wish you luck at the docs, try not worry hunny as it may be contributing to the severity of the problem.

Your GP should refer you to neurology to see if they can establish a cause, rule out nasties and together you can then decide on what's the best medications / treatments for you.

These links are for 3 of my relaxation posts each with a different technique to see if maybe they can help you :)

RELAXATION TIME: Diaphragmatic breathing exercises


RELAXATION TECHNIQUE - Muscular relaxation AND Planned times for regular positive relaxation

Take care and do let us know how you get on at the docs Larissa :)

:) xxxsianxxx :)

Morning Larissa,

Make yourself a cup of tea,lease make me one too. Right I think before you go to the Docs you need to just sit still and practice your breathing no I am no more barmy than usual. You are very tense and I think you are possibly increasing the movement in your by constantly feeling for them. So please try this

Arms loose with hands on your lap - sit straight - knees together - and your feet slightly apart are you ok at the moment I hope so.

now consentrate on your breathing we are going to do 10 repeats ok

Breath in slowly through your mouth hold the breadth for 1 2 3 now very slowly let the air out through your nose.

Okay and again In fill your lungs expand your ribs and hold 1 2 3 release gentle through your nose. Remember shoulders down head up.

Repeat ten times now sit bag in your chair breath gently and evenly relax open your eyes you will feel invigourated and yet relaxed. Sit still for a while and thats it.

I hope this will help you a bit

all my love oh I used to do this to relaxs before I was on stage at theater school :)


Oh I have just read Zebs post we crossed over a bit still good minds think a like


Gentle hugs and lots of loving positive thoughts, Larissa. I hope you get help at the gp. Also, keep trying to relax. I know it isn't easy, but a full blown panic attack will only make things worse. Gentle Hugs, Julie xxxxx

More hugs coming your way.

As always good advice about relaxing has already been sent to you..

Try and stay calm my lovely and let us all know how you get on.

Sunshine hugs to you xxxx

Thankyou everyone, I have posted an update of what happened today xxx

Hi larissa

I have replied to your post on the other section. I hope that you are feeling really well.

Take care

Ken x

I have been having this symptoms for long time no one in my family understands any of my fibro pain or the effects.They thing it's in my head .At present my condition is worse plus the two people who understood me my dad who passed away 4yrs & my mum who was very close to me & I use to talk to her & shared everything with her passed away 4 months ago & I could not get over it as I had no one to share my condition or when I am stuck with my family problems she was always at my rescue. she was 81yrs but her mind very good but physically she was suffering.I was not by her when she passed away & my last conversation with her was mum do not wait for my phone calls & she goes call once in a month & I said no. That's it she did not wait 4 my phone.Nothing she did wrong but she was going to have someone who was jealous about our relation.After this my migraine facial pain panic attacks depression & over all symtoms got worse.I thought no one will under stand if I tell them but reading your letter makes me feel it's not in my head thank u & hope u feel good as I feel knowing that there is some one to share my feelings.take care.

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